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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Day on Anna Maria Island

Real Old Man is on vacation this week so today we wandered the island. It was a beautiful day to be out walking- 80 degrees and sunny with a few clouds meandering across the sky. A perfect weather to be out walking. Wish I could have brought you along with me, but we can pretend I did by way of these photos.

Anna Maria Island is actually three little towns- the south tip is Bradenton Beach, then Holmes Beach, and the northern tip is the town of Anna Maria.

Click photos to see full view

We spent today in Bradenton Beach. Over the past weekend the Beach House restaurant hosted a sand sculpture exhibit created by kids. So we started there- here's a photo of the Beach House which is on the Gulf side of the Island

The theme of this next one was recycling and it was fantastic.

We wandered the beach for awhile and then decided to doing some shopping on the east side of Bradenton Beach on Bridge Street which is along Sarasota Bay. It's a lovely part of the town and even the alleyways are landscaped.


I love this condo building- it's called the Old Bridge Village. The landscaping is so lush and gorgeous.

The condos face Sarasota Bay and what a view they have-

I stalked this Great Egret for awhile...

As the Great Egret wandered the shoreline he met up with the smaller Snowy Egret in the left corner of this photo.

And my favorite- the pelican! I love this strange looking bird and can sit for hours watching them plunge into the water to scoop up fish.

For years now I've seen this houseboat anchored in the Bay. I've never seen the people who live on it, but love all the potted plants they always have sitting around on the boat.

We did a bit of shopping but all I bought were a pair of ear rings. I'll save my serious shopping for when we go to St. Armands Circle in Sarasota later this week. I love shopping there! I can spend some serious money in those shops.

We met friends for dinner at a place on the Gulf side and had a great view of the sunset. But I was too lazy to get up and take photos. All in all it was a great day- life is good...


  1. beautiful! thank you for sharing a little corner of your world!

  2. Thanks for looking Jayedee. It was such a beautiful day for walking and exploring

  3. Looks wonderful. Nice pictures. I live right near South Padre Island in Texas and we have those sand castle demos too. Some of the sand sculptures are incredible.

    We have alot of the same birds as you. I love the pelicans too, there are some days when there are warning lights on the bridge to South Padre because the pelicans are flying low. So far I haven't heard of any hitting a car.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, hope you're having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Mary Jane- I've never been to Padre Island but have heard it's beautiful. We had a great time this week vacationing in our back yard.

  5. Oh ROH!! You have such a lovely eye for beauty. I could just look at your pictures and your backround info all day.. Lovely stuff

  6. I was googling about air plants in florida, came across your post....We are from Illinois also, originally from Frankfort. Love you pix, we haven't been to see anything in you area yet. We are camping on the Seminole Indian Reservation (40 miles) south of Clewiston....Just wondering what city/town your were from in Illinois? thank you for your time, Sandy


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