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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Lazy Woman's Guide To Thanksgiving Dinner

Since we had no one visiting us this Thanksgiving I saw no reason that I should spend the day cooking a big dinner for just the two of us. Lucky for us one of our favorite restaurants has a tradition of being open and offering a full menu on Thanksgiving Day. So we drove into Bradenton to Mattison's Riverside which is on the Manatee River, has a beautiful view, and the food is top rate. Mattison's is right beside the Blue Dolphin Marina and I love looking at all the fabulous yachts and sailboats. Soon they'll all be lit up with lights and decorations for the holidays and the annual Holiday Boat Parade.  

This was the view from our table. It was so warm today, some people chose to eat outside on the patio.

Though they were offering the traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey and dressing, we decided to order off the menu instead. We had delicious filet mignon with a port wine glace and béarnaise sauce and scrumptious garlic mashed potatoes. And for dessert I had my favorite peanut butter pie- creamy peanut butter mousse with an oreo cookie crust topped with chocolate ganache, whip cream and fresh strawberries. 

As we left the restaurant, the sun was setting coloring the sky a brilliant blue-

And to the west the sunset was just beginning to color the sky.

To the south we could see the city holiday decorations lit up for the first time of the season.
I didn't forget the dogs- I made sure I saved and brought home some of my filet mignon for them, which they immediately gobbled down. All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving. I hope however you spent yours it was a great one.


  1. Those are some beautiful pictures, you live in a neat place. Happy Thanksgiving to you! See you on twitter soon.

  2. What a wonderful, stress-free holiday dinner! Glad you had a great day. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures with us.

  3. Hi Dreemz- Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with yummy foods and your loved ones to share it with.

    Hey Bobbi- Hope your big day was lovely spent with loved ones and all your favorite foods

  4. Well my Thanksgiving sucks but then I had a reprieve! My sister invited me over Saturday night and make me such a lovely dinner in her new home and I thought of you!! Thought you would be so happy that I didnt cook the meal and I didnt offer to clean up either!! I didnt leave until I drank all her wine and champagne and had the Mr. Man take me home.. ;-)


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