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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Secret Garden-

Every freaking day of the past week I had contractors here tearing out a bathroom and rebuilding it, plus putting in new subfloors in one of the bedrooms. Five days of listening to saws, drills, hammering, banging, pounding, plus dust and fumes from adhesives. Five days with approximately 3-4 hours of sleep each night. By Friday morning my my eyes were swollen and red as I got through the day in a stupor. My voice was hoarse and my lungs were burning from the fumes and dust. To make the week even more miserable add in being shut up in my studio with two bored and pacing dogs that felt the need to bark at all the racket the workers were making. Let's just say the week sucked big time.

Then today was spent cleaning up the mess, washing everything down, vacuuming, and dusting. Once that was done, I decided I needed to do something calm and peaceful like watering and tending to my plants, then relaxing on the lanai. Nothing brings me more joy than wildlife, plants, and the beach.

So I rearranged plants, removed dead leaves, and watered. Then I enjoyed a couple cups of coffee sitting out there listening to nothing but birds and the sea breeze making the the palm trees sing. I love to listen to the trees sing with the breeze rustling through the fronds. When I got bored with sitting, I grabbed my camera and took some photos so you could experience sitting on the lanai with me.

Click each photo to see full size and details. These are on the left side of the lanai as you face the front door-

This is on the left side

Different kinds of philodendrons on left side by the door

I have four Christmas cacti that in about 6 weeks will be covered in blooms. I have a 2 red ones, gold one, and white one. Here two of them...


This a piece of driftwood covered with different kinds of air plants hanging from the ceiling. I love these plants- they need no soil, with only occasional misting. And they reproduce like crazy, the mother sending out pups.

On the outside of the lanai there are numerous plants. The hibiscus is blooming 

When I glanced up at one of the palm trees I noticed the crescent moon right above it. It was about 4 in the afternoon and the moon was faint but clearly visible.

 And then I saw some buzzards circling overhead. Good thing I'm not superstitious or seeing buzzards hovering around a senior community could be worrisome-lol

And here is the outside of the lanai front door. Look who's peeking out the door- 

And another little face peeking out

Stop by some day and have a coffee or cocktail with me on the lanai!


  1. Love the beautiful pics of your plants. Makes me almost wish I was working in a greenhouse again!

    Hope the renovation is done soon. It doesn't sound very healthy for you to be around!

  2. it looks so wonderfully relaxing....i bet it's cool even during the heat of our summers too!

  3. Love your container garden! Mine is mostly vegetables, but then I can't grow year round in NJ the way you can in FL! Really beautiful plants and I love your puppies! Wonderful way to relax and sure sounds as if you deserve that. Hope you get a break for a while!

  4. Gorgeous garden and sweet faces peering from the window. What a peaceful retreat!

  5. Anonymous-I worked one summer in a greenhouse- the most fun job I ever had.

    Jayedee- We have two ceiling fans on the lanai that keep it comfortable in the summer- except from 4-6pm Even though the sun is on the other side of the house by then, it gets unbearably hot on the lanai.

    Bobbi- After spending most of my life in the midwest, seeing flowers blooming in the winter the first year were down here was amazing. I wish I could do in the ground gardening like I used to do when I lived up north. Now that I can't crawl around on the ground, I've found container gardening to be a fun. Not as rewarding as real gardening, but it'll do.

    Real Melissa- Thank you! My plants and pups are an endless source of enjoyment fo me.


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