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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Trip Around the Sun...

Today I completed yet another trip around the sun.  The older I get, the faster these trips zoom by. I used to hear old people talk about how fast time flies but didn't give it much thought. But now that I'm a "senior" I know exactly what they were talking about. I think the older we get the more aware we are of our mortality, we realize that "tomorrow" isn't a given. Real Old Man and I are at a really great point in our lives so I want to hang on to each day, wringing every second out of it.

It's amazing when I think of all the changes in the world that have taken place during my lifetime. As a child I learned the drill of "duck and cover". Somehow putting our heads down would protect us from the nuclear bomb the evil Communists were going to launch at any minute. Luckily we never had to test whether duck and cover would save us or not.

When I was kid, girls were never allowed to wear slacks (let alone jeans!). We could only wear slacks in the winter and only under appropriate dresses or skirts. And speaking of skirts- I remember my favorite poodle skirt with the big felt poodle on it. Then came the 60's, the British music invasion, Viet Nam, war protests, civil rights marches, women's lib, the birth control pill, hippies, flower power, free love, and total social upheaval.  We went from poodle skirts, bobbie socks and penny loafers to wig hats, vinyl mini skirts, and go-go boots. Of course we good girls weren't allowed to wear mini skirts so as soon as we got out of the house, we'd roll up our skirts to make them as short as possible.

It was a crazy time that often left a deep divide between young adults and their parents. We openly questioned the values our parents grew up with and tried to pass down to us- we questioned their politics, social values, religious beliefs, racism, women's roles... basically everything our parents believed. We  wanted a world different than theirs. In some ways we succeeded, and in many ways we still have a long way to go.

And the change in technology- mind boggling. I remember my first telephone as a young adult living in rural Ky. It was the old rotary dial type phone and I was on a party line with 5 other homes. Now my twitter friends tease me because I haven't upgraded from a mere cell phone to a smart phone. We listened to music on transistor radios and 8 track tape players. There were three TV stations ABC, CBS, and NBC. The quality of the picture you received was determined by how close you lived to a major city and the position of your rabbit ears or the big antenna sitting on your roof. Now I get 100's of channels on cable, watch shows on demand, and pay per view movies. My cable allows me to watch one show as I record two others to view later.

For most of my life I had a daily newspaper delivered at my door. I kept up with national world news by reading the newspaper and watching the 6 o'clock news. I finally stopped subscribing to a newspaper 5 years ago. I now get my news on-line and on TV. By the time news hits the papers, it's old news. But Real Old Man still picks up a Sunday paper for me just for the crossword puzzle. Yes, I could do the puzzle on-line, but something about holding the newspaper and using a pencil still appeals to me. Some things I'm not ready to let go of yet. And though I'm writing this blog entry on my desktop computer, maybe by next week I'll be courageous enough to take that new laptop ROM gave me for my birthday out of the box and go wireless...

And on that note- I leave you with my favorite birthday song by one of my long time favorites- Jimmy Buffett's Trip Around The Sun-


  1. Happy birthday, you sweet funny lady. Loved reading about the changes you've seen during your lifetime,. Now get that laptop going and upgrade your phone- you can do it- Hee Hee ;)

  2. Wig hats? LOL Never heard of wig hats before. I can't imagine being on a phone party line- sounds like Mayberry times. it really is remarkable how technology has changed, but I think you're doing a great job of keeping up. The thought of my mom tweeting and blogging makes me laugh. She has a basic desktop and all she does on it is e-mail. Keep blogging and maybe I can use your blog to inspire her to do more online things.

  3. The cinnamon bars were so good! heres the link

    I made these several times already (i'm a bakeaholic) :)

  4. I love reading your blog and comments on Twitter. I remember Wig Hats, and party lines, and rotary phones, and rolling up my skirt!!! times have changed, to the point where I stopped keeping up, so I appreciate your lack of a smart phone, not that I would mind you getting one! but when my Verizon account ended, for the last two year contract, I simply said NO thanks. No more huge phone bills, for something that wont ring if I'm in the back of a warehouse type store. so I have finally caved to a "pay as you go phone". its horrible, but its truly for emergency only now. When Joan Rivers lost her last friend, that remembered all the same stuff as she, from their old days....the funny things, that "you had to be there for" I felt bad about that, I knew what she meant, sort of. Now, after reading your thoughts on things, and remembering all the old things that none of my younger friends remember at all....a smile came to my heart, because you wrote about those things! silly funny things, but someone remembers what it was really like back then, other than me, someone that I've met online, barely but now feel so greatful for. thanks....for the smile due to your blog, and twitter etc. karenne

  5. Happy B-Lated Birthday ;)
    I remember all of those things you mentioned here as if it was yesterday. Even if we are 20ish years apart. ;)


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