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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Nipples Are Perky....

.... for the first time in a long time! Good gawd it's cold in SW Florida this week. Soon we'll be seeing in the news clips of iguanas falling from the trees like last winter. Just my luck I finally move to a sub-tropical area to escape winter, and then the damn climate changes. Last week I was wearing shorts and flip flops and all was right with the world. This week it's heavy sweat shirts with flannel pants, and to pull the whole look together- several pairs of socks. 

I remember when I lived in the midwest, every year about now I'd start seeing Florida tourism commercials on TV- scenes of people on the beach in swim suits, swimming and laying in the sun. Oh, but I was so frigging jealous! I just knew life would be perfect if I lived in Florida. Instead of being depressed and huddled up in the house wearing layers of clothes, I'd be on the beach every day, swimming with the dolphins, and I'd be in commercials showing how wonderful winter was in Florida. And the first couple of winters it was pretty much like that - except I wasn't swimming with dolphins and wasn't asked to be in any commercials.

Then last winter it all changed. We spent the winter covering landscaping plants, trying desperately not to lose them when the temps dropped below freezing night after night. And it looks like this winter is going to be a repeat performance.

If you're up north and seeing those tourism commercials right now, don't believe them. If any one is on the beach this week, they're probably wearing parkas, long heavy pants, and insulated winter foot wear- just like last winter.

My Christmas cacti are just forming flower buds, and I was a afraid the sudden cold snap would make them drop, so I moved them all inside last night. My dining room table is now one big plant stand-

And my kitchen island has been taken over by my jade plant-

And the stools in the front sitting area are holding my ruby and pearls plants-

Now, I need to finish my RHOA recap...

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  1. I have been telling my relatives for a few years now that the weather map was starting to do a flip~flop move.
    Hopefully you won't be getting the extreme cold we do.

    You might want to go see if a hardware store has a shovel. Just in case. Even if it's a spade. lol


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