In 2002 we ran away from Illinois where we were born and raised, and started a new life in SW Florida. This blog is about me (an eccentric old artist), ROM (my Real Old Man), Isabella (our neurotic Standard Poodle) and Emmy (our crazy snake killing Jack Russell Terrier). Oh- and the neighborhood old people. Life is good in Florida!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catching Up in the Neighborhood

Remember when I posted this picture of the old cowboy and said he still worked and drove a car? And then the entry about the ambulance picking him up? He never made it back home. I got word a couple of weeks ago he'd passed. I remember when I first him met shortly after we moved into the community. He wore his hair permed and dyed bright red, wore a big black cowboy hat and black cowboy boots. He was a riot and fancied himself quite the lady's man. And he was a hard worker- he worked right up to the day they took him away in the ambulance. Say what you will about us older people, we have/had a hellava work ethic. Rest in peace, Old Cowboy.

All the snow birds are back and the streets are alive with golf carts, 3-wheel bikes, electric scooters, and walkers. Of course Isabella is afraid of all of them so we have to walk after dark when everyone locks themselves up in their house. I don't know what it is, but once the sun goes down they disappear inside. Maybe there's a senior curfew no one told me about? Oh hell no, that couldn't be it- the HOA would have been all over me by now.

In other news, I haven't spotted the ol' prostitution whore duck and band of merry johns in almost a month. She's probably out recruiting more he-ducks before she starts turning tricks in my yard and laying her bastard eggs in my flower beds. I just know we haven't seen the last of her. But enough about the whore duck, back to talking about people....

My neighbor across the road who had triple by pass surgery a few months ago is doing great and already back to working too hard and obssessing about her yard. She's a tough little gal, and so funny.

I could post a new entry every day about the eccentric old characters that live here. I'll never forget the first party we attended - I'll have to write that story up. Real Old Man and I still laugh about it. That's when we realized we had moved into a retirement community way too soon. We just weren't ready for old peoples' kind of fun time. Then there's all the stories about my battle with old Donald who always insisted on tanning his ass cheeks at the community swimming pool.  

But no one is at the pool today... it's dark, gloomy and rainy....


  1. Aww, poor Cowboy. Hope he had a good fun life.

    Yes indeed the Retired seem to have a curfew. lol When we went to visit my Grandma in OCT, there was hardly anyone around at the complex. This time when we went in Feb. there were bikes galore in the bike rack!! All the Snow Birds had arrived. What I thought was so funny was the amount of plastic bags wrapped on their bike seats. LMAO.

    Oooh the curfew... When it hit 5pm everyone ran to get inside before the moon came out and melted them into a strange puddle. Grandma even freaked out a bit when we wanted to go out "after dark". Then again, she's in her 80's. lol

    Too bad we were too far from you & the ROM. I would have contacted you one day. ;)

  2. I think Cowboy had a good life. He was a tough old bird.

    What is with old people and their instance on being in the house as soon as the sun goes down? We obviously moved into a senior community too early. Majority of the people in our community are 70 and up. We're in our mid 60's and just don't fit in...yet-LOL

  3. LOL. My Mom was just in her 50's when they moved to the Retirement place. My Dad was many years older than her. Whenever I called or visited her, we had a ball watching the neighbors.

    The year before she passed away, she would take their van and take the neighbors to their Dr. appointments..even as she was fighting Cancer herself. She just was worried about them driving!!

    So when I read about your adventures in your brings back great memories for me. ;)


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