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Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Super Bowl Chicken Wings For My Man!

After a week of restaurant food Real Old Man didn't have a hankering for the typical Super Bowl foods. Hooter's chicken wings? Oh, hell no! Pizza? Forget about it. Sub sandwiches? Nah, wasn't having any of that. He requested pan fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of scalloped corn. And since I missed his old ass last week, I decided to be a good wife and granted his wish. While he watched the first half of the game I got busy in the kitchen.

I dipped and breaded the chicken breasts-

 Fried it up-
 Prepped the scalloped corn for the oven-
 And called him to eat when it was all ready-
And he happily gorged while we watched the half time show (the only part of the Super Bowl I ever watch). I now have the greasy kitchen cleaned, dishes washed and I'm off for a shower. I feel as greasy as the chicken I fried...

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  1. Please, tell us the recipe for the chicken and scalloped corn. I've never heard of scalloped corn, but it looked GOOD!


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