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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sarasota Festival of the Arts

The weather here has been so freaking wonderful lately. The cold chilly temps have moved out and I have my fingers crossed that winter is over in Florida. We took advantage of the great weather and spent most of the weekend outside. Sunday morning we took off for the Sarasota Festival of the Arts.  We saw some great art work, but people didn't seem to be buying this year. It was an upscale show so I don't know if the poor economy or what was stopping people from buying, It was a shame because many of the artists had traveled from all over the country to showcase their art. Such is the life of an artist- spend weeks working on one special piece and people expect to be able to by it for less than $100. I remember once when a woman haggled with me over the price of something I'd spent weeks creating. She wanted the item for $200 and I asked her if she would work three weeks of 12 hour days and then accept $200 as her pay. Of course she wouldn't. And by that time I was pissed and wouldn't have sold it to her for any price. Anyway, I digress, back to the art fair

There was a very big turn out which made it hard to get any photos. I wish the booths had been spread out over a larger area which would have thinned the crowd as we moved from one booth to the next.

I loved the mixed medium paintings, with lots of textures and colors. I've been working on pieces like these and they're such fun to create with texture mediums, paints, inks and glazes.

Click each photo to see full size image.

These metal figures were delightful with the balloons adding an eye catching splash of color.

I don't know why this photo loaded on it's side. I tried 3x to get it to load right, but couldn't get do it. You'll have to turn your head to see it, sorry. I loved this piece.

I had the same problem when I loaded this photo. These were wonderful sculptures.

This booth of watercolor painting caught my eye because of all the vivid yummy colors.

This seahorse sculpt was gorgeous! .
That's all the photos I was able to get due to the crowds and congestion around each booth. My favorite booth was the one from New Orleans where we got a plate of delicious powdered sugar Beignets. I would have taken a photo of them but we ate them too fast. At the end of the day we planned to go over to St. Armand's Circle, do some shopping and sit at one of the outdoor cafes, have drinks, eat  and people watch. But St.Armand's Circle was packed- no parking and every cafe was filled (damn snowbirds and tourists). So we decided to drive through Long Boat Key where we crossed a bridge to get to Anna Maria Island. Here are some photos I took as we went over the bridge..
I swear the sky and water down here are such a bright beautiful blue

After we got on Anna Maria Island, we stopped at one of our favorite places, The Beach House. We chose the outside seating right on the beach where we sat to  enjoy a couple of drinks and have a late lunch. Finally we were able to tear our selves away and head home to the dogs. It was a wonderful day -life is good!

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