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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is there a fatal dose of pollen?

Every morning I wipe this off my lanai table. This greenish yellow pollen that coats everything in the spring is what's responsible for my weepy swollen eyes, scratching throat, stopped up ears, dull headache, wheezy breathing and nagging cough. It goes on for months. Isn't that the shits when you're allergic to the natural world? I don't think that says much about our evolution to adapt to our natural world. I think allergies will be the thing that wipes out the human species. We will all die from asthmatic lungs and weepy eyes that makes it impossible to wear eye makeup.

You'd think I'd be smart enough to stay inside during spring when there are high pollen levels. Evidently not because I spent Sunday shopping for plants.

Click all photos to enlarge to full size 

And here is what I brought home. I'll be potting them in the wire hanging baskets with the fiber liners and hang them on a shepard's hook.

These little yellow flowers are called Nemesia 'Angelart'

And of course some bright pink geraniums

Look who is peeking out the door

I'm surprised to see my crown of thorns blooming. I left it outside during the sub freezing nights we had. After the freeze it lost all it's leaves and flowers. But here it is coming back with new growth, leaves, and blooms

Although most of the big leaves were damaged from the freezes we had, our Bird Of Paradise is coming back, too. We recently pruned off most of the cold damaged leaves, but new ones are already coming out and it even has bloomed- see the white flower?
One day this week, I'll spend time outside potting all the plants, and come night I will be cussing them because my eyes will be swelling and weeping, my  throat will hurt, voice will be husky, and ears will be so stopped up I won't be able to hear. But damn, they'll sure look pretty!


  1. from ImaJillHater2:

    ROH - must tell you, I really enjoy both your blogs, particularly ISOP. Love your photography as well.

    I really look forward to reading your posts. Thank you.

  2. I wish I had a green thumb .. everything I touch dies! ugh!

    Lov the pics ROH!

  3. Geez, you must have spent a small fortune on all that beautiful plants. I hope you enjoy your new potting table.


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