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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who Knew Anogenital Distance Could Be So Important!

On my Yahoo homepage I subscribe to various news sites. When I saw a link to a story about "anogenital distance" I just had to click it, dontcha' know? I'd never heard of the word "anogenital" before but when I saw it I had a pretty good idea what it meant.

Evidently a study was done to see if there was any correlation between men's sperm count and the distance between their anus and scrotum. What I want to know is how that even occurred to someone. I consider myself a curious and well informed person but anus/scrotum distance relation to sperm count never ever popped into my mind. In fact I never gave any thought to the distance between a man's anus and scrotum. Who thinks about shit like that?

I hope to hell this study wasn't funded by taxpayers money. While schools, health care programs, and law enforcement agencies are facing deep funding cuts, surely taxpayers money wasn't spent on measuring men's t'aints? Of course on the other hand, this study would have created jobs- official t'aint measurers. Imagine calling mom all excited to tell her you had a new job and telling her you were anogenital measuring specialist. And wouldn't that look good on your resume?

I'm not sure how this information will be useful. Will young women who want to marry and have children start measuring their boyfriends anogenital areas?  Will eHarmony start asking men to include their anogenital  measurement on their profiles? What a crazy world we live in! Sorry, no photos for today's entry- I'm not taking pictures of men's t'aints!


  1. I think that article left people speechless or afraid to comment!

  2. Anonymous- I think you're right-LOL I love reading about these strange medical studies that are done and always wonder how anyone even thought them up.


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