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Monday, June 20, 2011

Anna Maria Island Weekend Photos

All along the miles of beautiful beaches on Anna Maria Island are privately owned homes, resorts and rental cottages, though all the beach area is public property. There are some stunning mansions along with charming little cottages. My favorite of them all isn't one of the huge mansions, but this little blue cottage that sits behind some sand dunes.
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The wild morning glories that grow among the dunes were blooming this weekend and looked so pretty.

Beach lovers that were enjoying the day in the sun reading...

Real Old Man and my chairs are usually empty. We spend most of our time either playing in the water or wandering the beach looking for shells and other treasures.
While we were out in the water we were treated to the sight of dolphins passing by about 20 feet in front of us. It's not unusual to see dolphins and manatees, and even sharks occasionally. I had a very frightening encounter with three sharks when I was floating around on my raft one day. I'll have to tell that story some day.

As I was standing on the shoreline watching for more dolphins, Real Old Man walked up behind me and was softly stroking my shoulders and back. I was thinking he must be feeling frisky. When I remarked how nice his touch felt he completely burst my bubble. He said he had recently read an article about the importance of having someone check your back and shoulders for irregular moles that might be cancerous, so he wasn't lusting after me after all- just looking for suspicious moles... Ahhhh... the golden years... colonoscopies and searching each other for the first sign of skin cancer...


  1. so beautiful! and i love your stories about the pics

  2. ooh, the beach looks so wonderful. And dolphins and manatees? Cool!

    You have a story about 3 Sharks and you on a raft? Yikes! Another story for you to tell us another time.

    Right now I'll think of mild ocean breezes and sea birds gliding in the sky.

    Thanks again for your blog. :)

  3. Tegan- Thank you so much! Nice to know someone other than myself enjoys my photos and stories-LOL

    Need A Hobby- there's a shark story, a manatee story and a rescue story just waiting to be told ;) So many stories and so little time-LOL

  4. I love your beach stories.. They remind me a lot of mine. There are times I wait and watch in wonder as the sea turtles come ashore at night and nest. I then wait again for the hatchlings to break free and run to the ocean. I sometimes see along our coastline dolphins playing. My daughter had the pleasure of swimming with them a few years ago.. A totally free swim with wild dolphins. Doesn't happen too often,. When I was watching her swim she started waving frantically and I thought there was a shark or barracuda near her. When she calmed down,smiled and pointed I saw their dorsal fins and their gentle arch as they broke the surface. It was a beautiful thing. Manda is a Florida girl,a lover of nature and all things nautical. Give the girl the ocean,a reef and an animal to save and she'll be happy.
    We're lucky to be able to share these waters with the animals living there. As for our fauna...we need a serious break in the form of some heavy showers. I can relate to your dried up weeds..Our lawn here is toasted.. It's been too dry for to long. I miss morning glories and my moon flowers. After all the freaky weather starting with the blizzards up north, tornadoes, floods, levees breaching, fires in the south west that show no sign of relenting, I'm starting to think that we are (i hate to say it) destined for a serious Cat 4 or 5 hurricane this season. South Florida has escaped a major storm for many years now.. A few years ago one came through and we lost a couple cars from falling trees, and suffered without AC. But nothing as bad as Andrew. i hope we're spared.

  5. Sorry,ROH.. that anonymous post was from Deb

  6. and I'm still waiting for the snake story!!!

  7. Bea - me too! tegan - I love her stories & pics too! Need a Hobby - Yikes is right & ROH - please please share your story!

    Have a great day everyone!



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