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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No More Stabbed Tatas For Me!

I just got back from Isabella's late night walk and moaned in delight when I took my bra off. Gawd, I hate those things, especially with the underwires. I sudddenly decided having perky firm breasts just isn't all that important to me anymore. So enough of this bullshit! I'm sitting at my desk with a little pair of scissors taking the under wires out of my bras. Two down, and eight more to go...
I hesitantly ordered several two piece swim suits from Spanx, prepared not to like them. I bought an expensive body control suit last summer- hated it and never once wore it to the beach. All it did was push the fat up under my arms  so it could hang out under the arm openings, which was not a pretty look. And so frigging uncomfortable. But I'm tickled to say I love the Spanx suits- they fit wonderfully, are comfortable and  actually do give me a slimmer look. They are well made and the strapless tops actually stay up. I hope they come out with more colors in the future. Now I need to get back to removing the under wires from the rest of my bras....


  1. LOL, Freedom of the Tatas!!! LOL

  2. from ImaJillHater2 -

    No more stabbed tatas for me either!

    My life has improved immeasurably since I excised the hardwires from all my bras last year. Ahhhh.... Freedom!

  3. Bea & I'm A Jill Hater2- Aren't those underwires just miserable? Why in the hell have I been subjecting myself to those things?

  4. Hi lovely lady! I'm glad you decided to free yourself from the evil underwire & a Spanx suit? I never knew they made those! Anyway, I sooo miss you on Twitter. There are so many newbies & some are just annoying as hell, but a HW fan is a HW fan I suppose. Lol I'm glad you are blogging about the shows & look forward to the day you decide to grace my TL with your glorious presence once again. Stay well & know you are missed. ;-)

    P.S.-From the looks of those underwire, your tatas
    must be huge!!


  5. Omg - I literally went yesterday and got fitted by a certified bra fitter (?). Wouldn't you know I just bought 4 new Underwire bras then. Maybe I'll take 3 of them back and just buy plain old Cross My Hearts. I'd like to see them put underwire in tighty whiteys - then guys would know what women go through.


  6. Godes_Tamara- Must be an allusion by the angle of camera when I took the photo-LOL They're only a C- pitifully small compared to RHs tatas.

    Jillousy- I've been wearing underwires for several years now and just decided to hell with it. Nothing is worth that constant discomfort. And maybe I'm getting old enough just not to care anymore-LOL


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