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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

World's Worst Son and Funniest Dad...

This man has to be the world's worst son. Unfortunately every summer here in Florida there seems to be a news story about a parent or babysitter leaving a child in a car during the intense summer heat, but this is the first time I've heard of a child leaving an elderly parent in a hot car. This 65 yr. old man was arrested for leaving his 87 year old mother in a hot car while he attempted to buy crack cocaine. The bastard! Hell, I didn't think crack addicts lived to be 65, let alone entrusted with the care of an elderly parent. What a way for a poor old mother to live out her golden years.

On a lighter note, this guy has got to be the world's funniest dad... for the past year Dale Price dressed up in different costumes every school day and stood in front of the house to wave good bye to his son, Rain, as the school bus picked him up. Apparently after getting over his initial embarrassment, Rain and the other kids got a real kick out of the creative costumes he dad wore. You can read all about it in this newspaper article and see all the costumes on the Price's family blog.  Be sure and click the link to their family blog, the costumes are a hoot!  I think it's great that this family is so close and the parents are involved in their kids' lives. Hopefully when these parents are in their 80's their kids don't leave them in a hot car while they try to score some crack. They'll probably just dress dad up in costumes and parade him around... 


  1. People never cease to amaze me! Poor woman, sitting in that car . . .
    But what a wonderful story about the dressing up dad. Life is too short, people need to have a sense of humor!


    P.S. I didn’t miss the snake story, but LOVED the beach, people and plant pics! LOL

  2. Nohohousewife - Hopefully the old mama in staying somewhere much better now that sonny is in jail.

    I got such a kick out of the dress up dad. It's great to see parents so involved with their kids and building a lifetime of wonderful memories for their kids.

    Oh the snake story! I forgot all about it- and I even have pictures to go with it.


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