In 2002 we ran away from Illinois where we were born and raised, and started a new life in SW Florida. This blog is about me (an eccentric old artist), ROM (my Real Old Man), Isabella (our neurotic Standard Poodle) and Emmy (our crazy snake killing Jack Russell Terrier). Oh- and the neighborhood old people. Life is good in Florida!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally a Day Without Rain...

Real Old Man was on vacation all last week and it rained day after day until Saturday, when we finally got to spend a day on the beach. There was a chance of storms in the forecast which may explain why there weren't very many people out enjoying a day. The water was rough and murky plus there was a strong rip tide.

There were a few families on the beach who were probably thankful for a dry day so the kids could get out to play and burn up some energy...

And these guys walked up and down the beach several times. I think rooster boy wanted to show off his new hair-do...

Two rescue vehicles went zooming down the beach with their sirens and lights flashing. I have no idea what happened and didn't hear on the evening news anything about any deaths or injuries. There are always a few drownings every year, especially when there's a riptide and rough water. And of course we have an occasional senior that has a heart attack in the water and drowns. (Update- finally saw a news clip about what happened. Evidently a woman almost drowned. I added news video about the incident at the end of this post)

I got a kick out of watching these little girls playing.

I think they were three sisters and the oldest was having a helluva time getting the little one to keep her bathing suit bottom on...
 As hard as big sister tried, the little one just wasn't into wear those bottoms-LOL Isn't she adorable? Reminded me of that old Coppertone commercial when the dog pulled the little girls bottoms down. *** 5/18/14 - I removed this image because too many perverts were doing searches for "little girls bottoms" and ending up on this page. You sick degenerates- I hate you!)***

After filling two net bags with shells and treasures, I spent the afternoon soaking up the sun...


  1. I always look forward to your weekend beach photos. It's almost as good as going on a mini vacation. What I love most about your blog are your stories. I check your blog every day hoping to read another of your funny stories whether about something recent or old stories. You are such a riot and can definitely tell a story. More please!

  2. Especially luv your beach stories when are able to capture kids enjoying their days. Coppertone was exactly what came to my 'advanced' mind as well. :)

  3. luv the pics, looks very relaxing! my sister just got back from panama and loved it. we are in st louis w/100+ heat but no ocean!

  4. Anonymous- Thank you for your kind words! I'll try to get another story written up for you ;)

    Baca- I love watching kids playing on the beach. I never see unhappy kids on the beach.

    Tegan- Midwest summers can be brutal, I remember well. Hope you all get a break in the heat soon.

  5. Hi, lovely lady. I love your beach posts! Always fun to see the pics. Wow, nice legs, btw!! ;-)

  6. Love your beach pics & updates of whats going on. Looks so warm & peaceful, would love to bring the grand kids down to play on that beach cuz you won't see anything nearly that pretty in WI! I was to FL 1 time for LAST MIN Christmas/New Years vac with the kids 2 yrs ago & that was the most fun we ever had! Got some awesome pics of my kids playing on the beach. Dad refused to let kids in past knees, hes so convinced a shark will get them, but to be fair to him, we actually DID spot 2 sharks out not that far! What part of Fl are you in? Next time I want to make it ALL the way down in the keys!!
    Muahhh xoxo

  7. Thank you Goddess Tamara! My legs have held up better than the rest of me-LOL

    Manny's Grammy- I'm in SW FL on the Gulf coast between Sarasota and Bradenton. It's a dream come true to live here after spending most of my life in the midwest.

  8. The grandma/granddaughter pics are indeed special. I love to people watch too. Did you realize the coppertone kid was Jody Foster? One of her first acting gigs.


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