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Monday, August 29, 2011

Windy Day At The Beach

Though Hurricane Irene never came anywhere close to us, we sure had some wind, rough water, and strong riptide this weekend

I don't know what pissed this gull off, but he was sure scolding someone.

The sea oats have turned a pretty golden color and they were waving in the wind.

The high tide got dangerously close to this sea turtle nest. I read that along the east side of the state many sea turtle nests were destroyed when Hurricane Irene passed by the FL Atlantic beaches on her way northward. Such a shame.

Grandpa and grandson enjoyed a game of catch...

Though there were clouds moving in and out all day, the sun was intense. A few umbrellas dotted the beach...

...and wind kept blowing them over...
I wonder if this guy was tweeting?

When we first moved here, we ignored the warnings of riptides and big waves, thinking surely those warnings were for the very old (we're just old, not very old yet) and kids. We'd go out and jump the waves, having a great time until one day a wave knocked me down and the riptide grabbed me. Scared the hell out of me! It was like someone had pinned me down and I couldn't break free or get up. Luckily ROM was there and was able to pull me up and away from the riptide. (I'll have to remember to tell you the story about another time when I saved ROM)

As I stood there yesterday, pondering whether to go in or not, I remembered that incident and decided keep my ass on the beach.

Today sure wouldn't be a day to be on the beach. We've had strong storms moving in and out all day, lost power and internet for awhile. Though Isabella could have done without the storms (she's spent the day in the hallway staring at her spot), my outdoor plants are loving the rain.

Real Old Man got a new camera for his birthday and he has a new photo blog here. He's really getting some fantastic photos with his new camera. Also, my Twitter friend @tweatcyn has an amazing photo blog here. If you enjoy photography and wonderful photos, be sure and check out both their blogs.

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  1. from ImaJillHater2 -

    OMG - luv the kvetching gull shot!

    Re: your pics - ROH you're not O, you're H (as in hot!). New moniker - RHH!


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