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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

As A Storm Builds Off Shore...

I can't seem to get caught up on this blog! These are some photos I took the weekend before last... 

Anna Maria Island is such a beautiful place, even the walk down to the beach is gorgeous...
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Along the path are these flowering vines, the green foliage and purples blooms look so pretty against the white sand.

Angry storm clouds were building just off shore but we had sunshine for several hours before they reached land.

It was high tide and little shallow tidal pools formed on the beach. Along with the water that was washed into the tidal pools were numerous varieties of shells. I took this photo looking down into a tidal pool.

When I took it out of the water to photograph the other side, I discovered it was home to some little sea creature, as you can see in the opening. After taking my photo, I threw it as far as I could back out into the Gulf. I've found some amazing shells, starfish, and sand dollars that I realized were alive after I pulled them out of the water. I always throw live critters back to carry on with their lives.  One starfish in particular I remember- it was large, much larger than my hand and in perfect condition. Just as I was thinking what a great find it was, it began to squirm and move- scared the bejezzuz out of me! I flung that thing back into the water so fast!

This dunlin stayed busy feeding, trying to fill it's belly before the storm arrived. 

This little sandpiper was not the least bit interested in sharing it space with anyone and let the other birds know it.

Look at him digging deep- I thought he was going to stick his whole head under the sand.

This egret acted like he was afraid of the water, he'd rush out as the surf retreated and race to shore as it came back in

Towards the end of the afternoon as the storm was fast approaching, I watched a parasailor coming down...

He made into the boat and off they went to return to dock before the storm reached the island.

We packed up quickly and made it to the ice cream parlor just before it began to rain. The end to a perfect day, indulging in homemade ice cream. Life is good...


  1. from ImaJillHater2 -

    ROH, just love your photos & being able to see what life is like in a beach paradise.

    Have a question about photo with the braces around the palm trees. Is that in anticipation of a large storm?

  2. from ImaJillHater2- Thank for the kind comment about my photos and ramblings. The trees were just planted this spring so they haven't established a strong root system yet. The supports are to keep them straight as the establish themselves. The palms that were previously in that spot were killed off by the unusually cold winter we had last year.

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  4. Thanks so much, ROH. The Internets is a scary place: traps you when you least expect it!

    So to recap: love your blog and photos. Especially love the birds, particularly the majestic egret. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures on your amazing island.


  5. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing them.


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