In 2002 we ran away from Illinois where we were born and raised, and started a new life in SW Florida. This blog is about me (an eccentric old artist), ROM (my Real Old Man), Isabella (our neurotic Standard Poodle) and Emmy (our crazy snake killing Jack Russell Terrier). Oh- and the neighborhood old people. Life is good in Florida!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Emmy Tries To Kill Santa, The Little Bitch!

Our Jack Russell Terrier, Emmy, never met an animated toy she didn't want to kill. Sadly last Christmas she killed the moose who was Santa's banjo partner. Now he sits silently, unable to make a sound. The good news is that Santa survived tonight's attack and will be back to torment Emmy again... and again.... and again

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  1. OMG! That is so funny. I have to get one. Poor Emmy. Thanks ROH...


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