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Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Photo...

Last weekend was perfect weather. We got up early Saturday, went out for breakfast and then searched the island for the perfect photo. The past few years  I've been creating a new calendar using 12 of our favorite photos we've taken over the past year. Our favorites usually end up being ones we've taken on Anna Maria Island. I decided this year I wanted a Christmasy/Holiday/Beach theme for the December photo.  I was sure we could find a lit wreath or a decorated tree with the Gulf in the background.

Our plan was to find the scene we wanted and then return at dusk to take the photo. We traipsed all over the island looking for that perfect scenerio. By 5 p.m we gave up searching for what I was so sure would be easy to find. I did manage to work in a little shopping while we were searching the island. Here are a couple pictures I took in one of our favorite shops, The Sand Dollar. My holiday header was also taken at the Sand Dollar. 

Admitting failure, we gave up our search and headed for Bridge Street to get a picture of the mermaid that sits on the roof of shop. They usually put a santa hat on her head and drape some lights on her. Sadly they forgot her santa hat and lights this year, although they did put a pretty wreath behind her.

This is the miniature golf course on Bridge Street, all lit up for the holidays-
 This is where we ate- The Bridge Tender...

It was such a beautiful evening, we ate out in the patio area. While we waited for our food, I wandered across the street to get this photo of the Bridge Street Pier. Now if these trees had just been on the opposite side of the island and in front of the Gulf, I would have had that perfect December photo for our calendar. It's still a pretty scene even if you can't see the water in the photo.

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  1. Those are very pretty, especially the last one. the adventure of the hunt. I'm looking forward to our weekly photo challenges of 2012!


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