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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lights, lights, and more lights...

ROM loves holiday lights, and his love seems to increase every year. It all started when we were living in an apartment and he got into a competition for display space with a lady from New York. It got ugly, but it's a hilariously funny story. Then we moved here with a big yard and lots of space for his lights. He always has more lights than anyone in the community-he cruises the streets at night making sure no one has surpassed him.

All was fine until the Cougar down the street turned her cub loose with a never ending supply of lights.  They scored major points with all their lights but then lost major points for having a snowman. Snowmen in FL. are just lame and aren't a fit here. We all came here to get away from snow. But still the Cub's lights made ROM nervous, Cub was getting too close.  Of course we had to put more lights up, dontcha' know? 

So out came the ladder and he announced we're putting lights on the palm tree trunks.  He climbed to the top of the 1st palm tree and I'm assigned the task of walking around and around the trunk of the tree. Over and over again. I'm soon staggering and dizzy as I wobbly made my way around the tree a few more times. Finally it's covered to the bottom when ROM realized he started with the wrong end of the lights. Six strings of lights wound around the tree and it all had to come off. I mumbled and grumbled about how people can die from dizziness.  He completely ignored me and climbed back up on the ladder and I'm circling the tree again, this time the opposite direction taking them off. Finally they were unwound, we quickly changed ends and then I walked in tight little circles around the palm tree, again and again and again ... At last it's done, and do I get to sit down until the world stops spinning? Oh hell no- he held me upright and walked me to another tree, leaned me up against the tree as he went to find more lights in his stash.

Back up the ladder he went and I started staggering around yet another tree. I glance up at the sky and notice these storm clouds moving toward us. I told ROM to get down because it was going to rain soon. Of course he wouldn't even consider it might rain. He was on a mission. We kept going and sure enough it was soon raining. I suggested we go in but he argued we were already wet so why stop?  I resumed my staggering shuffle around the tree with rain water dripping down the crack of my ass. We finally finished the tree and all I could think of was a warm shower and dry clothes. We were done, right? Oh hell no!

It had stopped raining and ROM saw no reason for us not to continue on to the next tree. I explained to him I was dizzy, wet, and cold. He assured me the last tree wouldn't take long, and the total look would be ruined if all the palm trees weren't lit up. As I walked around and around that last tree, I decided if the Cub put any more lights up I would cut his wires. But finally we were done. And as of right this moment ROM is still King of the Lights in our neighborhood. He has already started making plans for next year... and here is ROM's wonderland of  light.. click all photos to see full size


My Poinsettias

Side of house

Wicker deer and sleigh

Christmas tree of lights around pole light with bougainvillea blooming

On the lanai, the Christmas cacti are putting on a show. I love my Christmas cactus and get so much enjoyment from watching them bloom through out the month of December. I have two red, one white and one gold. The buds on the gold are a very soft gold color but once the bud opens it looks more white. I want to get some more colors, but for now the white are my favorite because they flower so heavily.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Merry Yule, and Blessed Winter Solstice!


  1. This is my new favorite Christmas story. LOL! The lights look awesome. Don't you just love Christmas Cacti?!!!

  2. That anon comment was me, @tweatcyn. Merry Christmas!

  3. I just love this story!! Reminds me of my folks when they lived in FL - their community had a Xmas lighting contest and they HAD to win every year. They even decorated the golf cart....LOL! Your lights are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. If you touch your poinestas (I spelled that wrong) make sure you wash your hands. A new study came out that over time it can give animals and humans more allergies or give you allergies. Just wash your hands lol. You two are so creative ROH and ROM. Does ROM read our comments (on this blog of course not the big girl one lol) on this blog? You two should get some wheels on that double wide and tour the U.S. And stop to see all your twitter friends. Yes, you two are loves that much. :) Amia Yes, the real Amia, THE ONLY BLOG I COMMENT ON!

  5. I mean *loved that much, not loves. Amia

  6. Wow to the light display!Great story.

  7. Hey Cyn- Poor old man has now started the job of taking everything down and storing it away. I think he had a lot more fun putting them up-LOL And yes, I love my Christmas Cacti! They will be coming inside tomorrow night because we're going to get down close to freezing temps.

  8. Hi Lizzie- We don't have a golf cart... yet-LOL But you can bet if and when we get one it will be decorated.

  9. Hi Amia! Hope you and your family had a great Christmas. The poinsettias are in hanging baskets out in the yard so the dogs can't get near them. I actually didn't touch them myself. I just sat the pots they came in directly into the baskets. We're supposed to get down close to freezing tomorrow night so that will probably be the end of them.

    That is so sweet of you to say about ROM and me being loved. I kind of love that old man, too ;) Oh- and we don't have a double wide- we got a big ol' triple wide! ROFLMAO! Can you imagine that coming down the road on wheels all lit up?

    Love ya, Amia! I'm really glad we're following each other again. Hope your new year is a fantastic one for you and your family.

  10. Thanks Tuzentswurth! ROM has actually drawn out plans for next year. If he keeps adding to his display we will have to rent a storage unit for all his lights and deer. He started taking it all down today and trying to get it all to fit into his shed... smh...


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