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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Blows...

... literally, and in more ways than one. I came down with a cold a few days before New Year's Eve and spent the big night in bed with my laptop watching season 1 of Mad Men on iTunes while repeatedly blowing my nose. Probably just as well we stayed home because even though it was a warm night a heavy sea fog rolled in and I couldn't see more than a couple houses down the street. Of course staying home on NYE in Florida is no guarantee you'll be safe.

For some reason, NYE is a big night for fireworks here in Florida.  We started hearing them early in the day and it continued all day long.  After hours and hours it gets annoying, but when the gunshots start it gets damn right scary. Every year as it gets close to midnight idiots start firing guns into the air. I don't know if it's because they've used up all their fireworks or if by that time they're so drunk they forget that things that go up must come down.  This year from about 11 pm. to around 2 a.m. we could hear gun shots from all directions. The rapid fire of automatic weapons is rather unnerving to say the least. The following day the local news reported  that bullets had hit quite a few homes around town. A woman found a hole in her bedroom ceiling and  a bullet in her bed- the bed she where she had been sleeping! In a town north of us a 12 year old boy was shot in the head from "celebratory" gunfire and is in serious condition. If only we could round up all the stupid people and confine them to one area where they can only hurt each other.

Our beautiful weather has come to an end with 20 mph winds and high temps barely hitting 50. We have freezing temps predicted for tonight so my beloved xmas cacti and the ruby & pearls plants are being kept safe on my kitchen island. All my other plants will be covered and we'll just hope for the best for the landscaping. Last winter we lost all our frangipanis and grass. These hotter than normal summers and colder than normal winters are becoming  the new normal and I don't like it one bit! 

Here is my photo of the day...


  1. I only have succulents outside now as they can weather the temps here all year round. In California, it's usually the Mexicans in Santa Ana and Los Angeles that use the gun fire in the air for July 4th and NYE celebrations. Thankfully, I am miles away from both places now and don't have to worry about a bullet coming through my wall. Scary. Sorry you were ill.

  2. Gorgeous "Zazzle" calendar BTW. Love those cranes and sunsets.

  3. My succulents look fine after our bitter cold night- I love how hardy they are. They hold up to cold and hot temps, and do so well with very little water.

    Zazzle does a great job with printing. You should make a calendar with your gorgeous photos, Cyn.


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