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Monday, January 23, 2012

Photo of the Week- A Night At The County Fair

Though we've lived here almost 10 years, this was the first time we've attended the county fair. It's always held in Jan. and usually the weather is so freaking cold and windy we had no desire to go. That wasn't the case this year- other than a couple of brief cold spells, our Jan. weather has been gorgeous. Saturday night was perfect weather for a visit to the fair- clear skies and 70 degrees.

Having spent most of my life in Midwest farm country, I've been to more fairs than I can possibly count. County and State fairs are a big deal in rural Midwest communities- a very big deal! The Manatee County fair was rather sad in comparison. It was small and not much to see. The arts and crafts competition was so small it was all housed in one building. We did see some great photography and painting entries, but not much else.

My favorite things to see at fairs are the farm animals. We never did find the livestock barns but did stumble across one open building of cows. And what friendly critters they were! A couple of them even had mooing conversations with me. One of them took a hankering to the canvas the bag I was carrying, reaching through the bars and grabbing my bag in her teeth. After a brief tug of war, she let loose and let me have my bag back- with a big wet spot on it.  

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Something you don't see at Midwest fairs is a view of the midway lit up behind live oak trees draped in Spanish moss.

Of course, like at all fairs across the county fried crap is popular.

There was even a booth where you could find out if you're going to heaven. I didn't stop to find out because I'm hoping I don't go to heaven. Some the most boring and self righteous people I know claim they're going to heaven and I sure as hell don't want to spend eternity with them.

Though these photos aren't my best, they'll have to serve as my Photo of the Week. Be sure and visit Tweatcyn's site to see her photo of the week.

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  1. What are you talking about lady! These are good. I love the albino cow and the ferris wheel. The heaven booth was good too. Interesting. I liked ROMs action ride photos too.


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