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Monday, January 30, 2012

Photos of the Week

I've fallen hopelessly behind with my intention to post a photo a day, but I'm trying to keep up with the Photo a Week posts so as not to let Cyn down.  Be sure to visit her blog to see her amazing photos. 

My Christmas cacti were done blooming by New Year's Day, just as they usually are. Their blooming has always been predictable- the buds form right around Thanksgiving and they erupt with flowers through out the month of December. From New Year's Day to Thanksgiving I pay little attention to them and they seem to thrive on neglect. I hadn't even watered them in the past two weeks.  I thought I was having an Ambien induced hallucination the other night when I was taking Isabella out for her last potty and noticed a couple of blooms and lots of flower buds on one of the white xmas cactus. For some odd reason, one of my white and one of my red are blooming again- just as heavily as they did in Dec. I have no idea what's causing this, or why the other two aren't blooming. Everything I've read says the blooming is triggered by the the shortened number of daylight hours in the winter. But the days have actually gotten a few minutes longer in the past few weeks so I haven't a clue what set these two off, but I'm sure enjoying this blooming bonus. 
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When I was taking photos of the xmas cacti the other day, I started looking around and found that a few of my small air plants were also blooming.  These are air plants I glued onto a driftwood tree several years ago. After they bloom, they slowly die after putting out a pup plant. It's amazing how they propagate.

These air plants have a fuzzy surface that you can see if you click and enlarge the pic. They send out a tiny vividly colored  flower...

And this little girl was hanging around out back enjoying our warm and sunny January.

Happy Monday! Hope you all have a fantastic week.

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  1. I love those white flowers. so delicate for a cactus plant. I love the Chrismas Cacti.


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