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Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo of the Week

My photos for this week are a much too common scene in our community. As you all know we live in a 55 and over community. There are many advantages to living in a senior community- they tend to be quieter, older folks tend to keep their property looking neat, and when you go to the pool you aren't being compared to the gorgeous body of a 20 yr. old in the lounge chair next to you. But there is a down side that we hadn't given a lot of thought to until we moved here 8 yrs. ago.

The first weekend we lived here we were enjoying our morning coffee on the lanai when we saw the coroner's wagon stop in front of a home down the street and two guys took a gurney into the house. A short time later they wheeled the gurney back out with a body bag on it. It was the first time I had actually seen a coroner remove a body. 

Since that first Sunday on the lanai, we've seen countless ambulances roll in and out of here. Sometimes the patients recover and come back home, but too often they either die or are moved to a nursing home. The most disturbing event was the old woman who severely beat her disabled husband with a plunger resulting in them both being moved to a nursing home. I think most of you know that story since I've already told it on Twitter- truly bizarre. 

So that's the down side to living in a retirement community- constant reminder of what's ahead of us... and it ain't pretty. 

In the past 7 days we've had three neighbors taken out by ambulances. Two are still in the hospital and one of them died. What I've never understood is why they always send a firetruck with the ambulance? These photos were taken in the past week...


  1. Gosh, that must be hard to see. Maybe the fire trucks come to make sure it's safe for EMTs? Could be a gas leak, smoldering fire, etc.? Just guessing because I had an elderly neighbor once turn her frying pan on high with oil in it, then fell in her living room and--I'm not making this up--couldn't get up. We just happened to smell/see the heat over her roof because she'd let left the back door open and the smoke was escaping. I took smoking frying pan outside, called 911, and stayed with her until they came. Poor thing. She went to a nursing home where her sister was. The oddest thing is they were both deaf mutes and moved to our neighborhood with their brother, who took care of them until he died first, a couple of years before this.

    I missed the tweets about the woman beating her husband with the plunger, I think. Was she demented?


  2. They send a fire truck because it takes two paramedics to work on a person having a heart attack or something else that is serious. That leaves no one to drive the ambulance to hospital. So they have a firefighter drive the medic unit while the two paramedics are in the back working to save someone. Any time a medic go out on a call they send an engine along too for assistance. what you call a firetruck is called an engine in fire department speak :)


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