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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bev McClellan Rocks Village of the Arts-

If you're into music and love the Blues, then you've heard of Blues Revue Magazine. One of the most exciting things to happen recently in Bradenton (at least Real Old Man and I think it's exciting) was when Blues Revue relocated their office to a cottage in The Village of the Arts in downtown Bradenton. I'll write more about the Village of the Arts in my next post because this entry is all about Blues Revue and Beverly McClellan.

New Blues Revue Office

This past Friday night was the ritual First Friday Art Walk in the Village and what made it special was a performance by Bev McClellan. Many of you may remember her from the first season of The Voice when she made it into the top four. If you haven't watched The Voice, you must. It blows American Idol out of the water! 

Bev performed in the side yard of the Blues Revue office and put on a fantastic show. Lordy, but that woman has one helluva voice!  It's obvious how much she loves performing, she started earlier than scheduled and went on for hours. Luckily we got there early when the crowd was small and were able to be right up front. 

As you can see, as the night went on the crowd got bigger and bigger.

I video taped the beginning of her concert and have edited it into 6 videos, which I will post below. Next time I'll take my tripod for my Flip. As you can tell from the videos, it's impossible for me to listen to such great music and stand still- my foot kept wanting to tap and even my old lady hips wanted to sway to the music. It's impossible to listen to Bev and not move your body! 

You can follow Bev on Twitter here: @beverlyshane

Here are some videos to give you just a sample of the kick ass performance Bev put on Friday night....
(If any of the videos stop while your watching, click the pause button and give it time to load before starting it again)


  1. You are so lucky to have seen her live. I thought for sure she would win The Voice. Thanks for the videos, I really enjoyed watching them. You live in such a great area with so much going on. I'm so jealous of your summers on the beach. Love this blog, old lady. Smooches

  2. I've spent the afternoon on your blog watching videos and following links. Thanks, great blog.
    Anita J


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