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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Damn Electronics Packaging- The Bastards...

I hate how so many electronic accessories are in sealed hard plastic packaging. I thought I was going to have to get ROM's table saw out to open this frigging mouse package. I think I'm going to start basing my purchasing decisions on which products will be the easiest to remove from the packaging. I suppose they package things this way to thwart shoplifters, damn criminals are always inconveniencing law abiding consumers. Same thing with now having to show our drivers licenses to purchase over the counter allergy meds and being limited on how much we can purchase.  So now instead of one of us going to Target once a month and picking up enough allergy meds for both us, we both have to go to the store with our drivers license in hand. Stupid politicians decided that would stop the meth epidemic, which of course is nonsense. But that's a whole 'nother subject. I did finally get the mouse out of the package, after a lot cursing and hacking away at it with my utility scissors which have gotten very dull. I need to buy new ones- I bet they are packaged in hard plastic that'll I'll have to try to cut through with my old dull scissors. It's a vicious cycle I tell ya!

ROM spent the weekend in bed with a nasty respiratory virus. So the girls and I spent most of the weekend right here on the lanai:

It was a perfect weather for sitting on the lanai reading Stephen King's book The Dome and chatting on my laptop with my new mouse that I finally freed from the damn hard plastic sealed encasement.  Oh, my time outside also got me an earful of the latest neighborhood gossip about the quarrelers. I'll try to get that story written up tomorrow to post. Yes, even old people have their lovers spats.

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  1. It's been a week!! We want the neighborhood gossip!! lol

    *hoping for another dinner from hell type of gossip .. or locked out naked lady running in the street! LOL


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