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Thursday, May 24, 2012

It Was a Beachy Kind of Weekend

Ah.... and we're back in summer mode, thank ya jezzuz! I live for this time of year when the snowbirds have gone home, the tourists have thinned out and beaches belong to the locals once again. Lots of wide open white powder beach areas with a sky so blue it looks like it was painted. The turquoise water was crystal clear and calm, just gently lapping at the shoreline. 

Lots of treasures to be found during low tide. I wonder how many years it took for these shells to fuse together? I can just imagine their stories of all the places they've been, things they've seen and experienced before they finally came to rest on the beach.

See that little blue cottage in the middle? I feel in love with it the first time I saw it. It's for sale, now if I just had a a couple million dollars...

The sea turtles have already started coming ashore to lay their eggs...

Here are a few tiny shells I brought home. They are about the size of the nail on my little finger. So intricate and beautiful. Left click the photo and then click "open link in new window" to see full size.

There's no where on earth lovelier than Anna Maria Island in the summer!


  1. I love you and this blog! Always makes me smile. If I was rich I'd buy you that cottage.

  2. those shells don't look "fused together" naturally ROH. Looks like they had a little help with some man made cement. LOL!

  3. Thank you, Anonymous! Aren't you a sweetheart.

    Cyn- Yes, there is a huge boat anchored off shore full of people that work around the clock glueing shells together and then tossing them out into the water to wash ashore...LOL! Girl, you're crazy! They really are cool, I have baskets of them I've collected. I can't even imagine the years it takes for shells and rocks to meld together.

  4. ROH, soooo luv your beach pics & your sharing your life in paradise with us. Thanks!
    -BIG blissful sigh-

    - ImaJillHater2

  5. Thank you, Imajillhater. We didn't make it to the beach this weekend because it's always so crowded on holidays.

  6. Love the tiny shells, so pretty and intricate

  7. Bea, they're like tiny fairy shells. Love them


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