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Sunday, June 17, 2012

It Pays To Be Nice To Your Neighbors

Remember my search for a red pineapple plant after I fell in love with my neighbor's. Searched all the local nurseries and no one had a red pineapple. I found a nursery 80 miles away who had one but I didn't want to drive that far. So I had pretty much given up on getting one. 

My Neighbor's Red Pineapple

Yesterday I took my neighbor some succulent pups I had recently separated from the mother plants and potted them. He was thrilled to get them because he didn't have any of the type I gave him.  The later that afternoon when I got back from shopping I found this red pineapple loaded with pups on my lanai table. There was  note telling me to cut off the pups I wanted and to bring back the pineapple with the left over pups still attached. I squealed in delight like a little girl! Other gals are thrilled with new jewelry and designer shoes, not me. Just give me a showy unusual plant and I'm over the moon. 

 This is what it looked like before I started cutting on it. 

I had to wear leather gloves to handle the plant because the spines on the leaves are like razor blades.

I took the two larger pups at the bottom and one smaller one from the top
I did taste the pineapple after I cut the pups away. It tasted like regular pineapple just not quite as sweet- had a bit of a tang to it, but was really good.

Look at all the pups left on the top. Each number is a pup and there are more on the back of it, too.

Here are my pups ready to be planted. 

And here they are freshly planted in clay pots

With any luck they'll send out roots and become established. I've already promised @MsFran53 a pup when she moves down her next year.

And tomorrow will be beach day. Look for photos tomorrow evening... enjoy your Sunday!


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see them grow. Such a unique plant - never even knew they existed until you originally posted about them!

  2. The color is gorgeous. I want one now! Thanks for showing.- disgrazia4

  3. I have them planted and hoping the grow roots and thrive. We'll see... I'l post an update as time goes on


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