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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And the day comes to a beautiful end...


  1. I love this pic!! Looks like a postcard I tell ya. Soo glad to see you posted it today. Listen, I saw everything that went down on twit the other night and I call horseshit on the whole shebang. It came out of nowhere and was uncalled for and vicious. No one has the right to dictate who somebody follows or chats with, it's absolutely childish bullying. If she has such a stick up her ass over something that happened over a year ago and wasn't directed at her then she has some major anger and grudge issues that need addressing and she should have just unfollowed you a year ago. No big loss. But for her to be a law enforcement officer and to behave like this in her personal life is seriously troubling. I will be unfollowing her myself after a decent amount of time passes because yes, I don't want to deal with her wrath and venom. She is immature and and mean.

    I hope you know how many of us enjoy and value interacting with you. You are a friend to so many and are so accepting. I understood what you were trying to do with xxx and while I wouldn't have I don't fault you for extending the olive branch - in an attempt to stop the ugly and meanness that is so unnecessary. You tried and made the first move so kudos. I don't believe that one person contaminates everyone they come in contact with and people can be different with different people. I make my own judgments and if someone is nice I take them at face value. I stand with you and Ima in this witch hunt. To hell with her, in fact, fuck her. Thinking about mack too. She jumped in real fast and fueled the fire. Why, if they have a problem with someone, do they continue to follow and then lash out? And they're bitching about loyalty? How about two faced, smile to the front and bitch to the back. I want fun, nice, friendly and calm. The last thing I'm going to voluntarily do is get mixed up with sour, mean and cliquish women. It's just not a reflection of how I live my life. So many nice ones have left twitter but the good out weighs the occasional implosion. I really like and trust quite a few of my twit friends, obviously including you. I would have no problem with them having my phone # or email address because I've seen them almost daily for a couple of years and know by now who is real.

    My last thing is please don't let a few angry, ugly people make your decision for you. Think about all your followers and the good and interesting points they bring to life. I'm amazed at what I've heard and learned and laughed my ass off other times. Please consider everything before you decide.
    Virtual hugs ooooo

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I have often stopped following peeps who are friendly with people I don't like just so that I don't have to read their convos with each other on my TL. Those that had a problem with who I chatted with had the same option. I don't have issues with people who unfollow me. It happens frequently, and I may wonder why but I figure it's their Twitter and it's their right to follow or unfollow whoever they want. I'm sure there are many that find me annoying, boring, or unlikeable. What's done is done and I've moved on. I live by the motto- "I'm sorry if one of us have to be unhappy, but it isn't going to be me." If being on Twitter means I have to fight with people I used to be friends with, I don't need Twitter. I will continue to blog, email with folks and will continue to love sunsets!

    2. This is a good place for you. Stay on your blog and shut your mouth you won't have any problems. Don't even think about coming back unless you're ready to apologize. You're not missed because your 15 minutes are up.

    3. I would assume Anom peeps never had their 15 minutes which makes them bitter folks.. HEY! ImaJustSaying!

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    5. I want a whole frigging 60 minutes, don't you Ima? LOL Ugh... this is getting old. I'm going to set comments on moderation until things calm down and peeps get bored.

    6. ROH - They will never get bored until they find a new hobby. lol Now it looks like my BBQ tomorrow will be washed out due to storms all night tonight and day tomorrow. Which also means bored gbabies int he house! I need more crayons. ;-)

    7. Oh no! Was it going to be a pool day? Sucks when weather doesn't cooperate. What's your back up plan? Get out the kiddie videos and order pizza.

      We've been getting storms every afternoon and evening which means running home to be with the dog... smh ... Just beat the rain home this afternoon from getting groceries. Now that were back in our daily rain pattern, she's gotten really bad- worse she's ever been.

    8. was supposed to be pool party.. now it sounds like a plan to mess the house.. lol

      My plan B may be to cancel ;-)

      Poor Bella.. that dog cant get a break..

      Some of the stuff in the article you already know.. but maybe some you dont.. ch ch check it out~

  2. Totally missed the Twit mess!!! I love ya ROH<3 AsianPosh1


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