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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sarasota Blues Festival- Hot Hot Hot!

Even though I live in south west Florida where it's hotter than hell for six months out of the year, I don't do well in the heat. Due to health issues I have to avoid getting over heated and that's not always easy to do when you live here. My daytime outdoor activities from May through November consists of sitting on my ass on the lanai under a fan, in the pool or bobbing around with a noodle in the Gulf of Mexico.  Everything else has to wait until evening when the sun goes down. But every once in awhile something comes along that we just can't miss.  

Real Old Man is a serious Blues lover. He has three iPods and his iTunes account full of Blues music, then there's his CD collection which I wouldn't even begin to try to count. This year the Sarasota Blues Festival was scheduled earlier than usual- the last Saturday of September. And it was hot, oh so hot and miserably humid.  But whatcha' going to do when your guy is counting on a day of the Blues? You put on your big girl panties (white cotton ones to keep your ass as dry and cool as possible), get your mind right and take off for the Blues Festival! 

Being the sweetie that he is, ROM surprised me by getting not only VIP parking so I wouldn't have to walk far, but also tickets to the VIP area of festival. In this front area where the line of white chairs starts:

To the left of the seating area was a VIP tent set up providing free beer, wine, sodas, water and food all day and evening. And get this- the area had it's own fancy schmancy air conditioned porta potties that actually flushed.  Damn, I love ROM! This VIP shit rocked.

When we first got there it looked like there was no way this storm would miss us:

But just as it got over us it began to break apart and all we got was some spit and clouds. I was glad it didn't pour rain, but I sure liked the clouds blocking out the sun. When the sun came back out it was brutal- 90 degrees and the air was practically dripping with humidity. But the music was blasting and we were in a crowd of happy people so it was all good.

The 2012 Sarasota Blues Festival  lineup included Pett Crow, Paul Thorn, Curtis Salgado, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Ana Popovic, and Delbert McClinton. 

Ana Popovic has a really interesting background story. She was born and raised in Sebia but you'd never know it listening to her belt out the blues. And damn, that girl can play a guitar! You can read more about her remarkable career at the Blues Festival site.

The hours passed quickly as we listened to some great music...

Sarasota area has some serious Blues lovers- there was a sea of people behind us:

I saw a lot of people with wet shirts and towels on various parts of their bodies trying to stay cool like this security guy. As hot as this guy had to be, he had a smile on his face and kind word for everyone. 

See the gal in the cowboy hat? I don't know how she kept from melting but she was dancing with herself and anyone else who happened to pass by. I just knew the lady in the red pants was going to pop a tata out as she danced. Those titties came so close to flopping out a couple of times.

The sky blazed with color as the sun went down behind us to the west ...

... while the moon rose in the east behind the stage.

It was a great day and my fella was happy. Life is good...


  1. What would you like to talk about?

  2. Funny thing about life, if open, goals to accomplish will change. I soooo want to be the lady in a cowboy hat unabashedly dancing. :)
    Thanks for the Tweet shoutout ROH, nice to have the opportunity to a warm smile.
    While still in the humpty dumpty phase, each piece is coming together one at a time, and while trust me I have my moments, all in all, quite grateful. xoxo Baca

  3. Baca, I so want to see you dancing and laughing like the gal in the cowboy hat! One piece at a time, my friend, one piece at a time....xoxoxo


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