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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sharks, Sinkholes, and Tourists...

It seems like there is always something strange and awful going on Florida- people getting their faces eaten off by drug crazed lunatics, alligator attacks, hurricanes, sharks swarming the coastlines and homes being swallowed by sinkholes.

You'd think with all the bad press Florida gets this would be the last place people would want to visit. Instead of avoiding Florida, people are flocking here in record numbers. Our local news reported today that there are traffic jams on both roads to the island as hordes of tourists try to make their way to our area beaches. Over on the east coast of the state, they're reeling sharks in on the beach...

If seeing videos of thousands of sharks swimming along the coastline of Florida doesn't keep people away, I don't know what would. Perhaps using tourists as shark bait and to fill sinkholes would convince people to stay home? We locals are counting the days until Easter when the tourists and snowbirds will begin making their way back home. 


  1. Sharks or slipping and breaking limb on icy sidewalks? I'll take the sharks any day thank you.


    1. LOL! You're probably right- much more apt to fall and break something than get attacked by a shark.

  2. Why are they allowing people that close to sharks?

    1. Because sharks aren't an endangered species. People actually fish for shark.


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