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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Did The Boston Bombing and West, Texas Explosion Have To Happen?

***UPDATE*** Here is a Reuters article about West Texas fertilizer plant having quantities of  ammonium nitrate that should have been reported to Dept. of Homeland Security

What a week. Two young bombers brought Boston to it's knees after they killed and maimed innocent people, and a fertilizer plant explosion devastated a small rural town in Texas. I've sat down to blog several times this week but I just couldn't organize my thoughts.  So many peoples' lives have been changed forever- loved ones suddenly gone,  people left with serious injuries and loss of limbs, and folks suddenly homeless after their homes were blown up by a chemical explosion. All those people awoke that morning thinking it was just another day, never dreaming how drastically their lives would change by the end of the day.

Did these two horrible events have to happen? We'll never know for sure, but some of the things I've read and heard, I can't help but wonder if both could have been avoided. News has come out that the older bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had known ties to extremist groups and the FBI had been warned by an undisclosed foreign country, which some have said was Russia. The FBI has stated they investigated him and found nothing of concern. So why in the hell was I able to find his You Tube account where he had posted a video called "Terrorists". Why did the FBI not keep closer tabs on this young man?

As for the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, according to Gawker they had 1350 times the amount of explosive ammonium nitrate they were supposed to have. Any plant having more than 400 lbs. of this chemical is supposed to notify Department of Homeland Security. Gawker said that DHS didn't even know this plant existed. Why in the hell did DHS not know about this place and why did they have so much ammonium nitrate stockpiled? This is the same chemical used in the Oklahoma City bombing. So wouldn't you think this chemical would be closely supervised and regulated by our government? Hell, I have to jump through all kind of hoops just to buy OTC allergy meds! Our government has to do a better job of supervising people and chemicals that are serious threats and less time on nonsense like making people take their shoes off  or how much OTC allergy meds I can buy.


  1. The govt didn't know about the fertilizer plant? Are you serious? This is huge! Why aren't we hearing more about this now that the Boston Bombers are caught/dead? We don't even have a true count of lost life with this explosion. Just wow!


    1. Elle, it makes my head spin that such a dangerous chemical isn't under strict govt. control. How many other small plants across the country have stockpiles of this chemical or equally dangerous chemicals that could be used by terrorists or extremists?

  2. That is really frightening, ROH! I had not heard that. The possible implications for future inadvertent destruction is even scarier! It makes me sad that this explosion and the devastation it has caused has gotten so little national attention. I understand the terrorism fears but we can't concentrate on that to the exclusion of all else.

    The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have a lot of work to do. Obviously, DHS should be aware of plants that are storing potentially explosive materials no matter what the intent is. The FBI must keep track of people that come up on their radar, homegrown or immigrant. But, that isn't a new problem either. The government, in the form of the Army, ignored all the signals in the file of the Fort Hood psychiatrist who killed 12 and shot many more. He was in the Army and no one did anything about his issues - both personal and religion related. Someone should have, at the very least, been keeping an eye on him. Instead, they were getting ready to deploy him!

    It is depressing. I wonder if it is even possible with all the bureacracies involved to adequately track and put together all the pieces on a person to come up with an answer before they do something. I'm sure there are others out there.

    1. Exactly, Bobbi- bureaucracies will be our undoing. In this day and age, the thought that powerful chemicals like this aren't closely monitored is chilling.

  3. The older I get and the more I see people collecting paychecks without any sense of actually being conscientious in doing their job, the less surprised I am. So sad but true. Tuz


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