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Thursday, April 4, 2013

She Just Up and Died On Me...

Yes, I know I haven't been blogging. My desktop computer died on me. It was my work horse- where I worked on my graphic art, edited and stored my all my photos, and did all my writing. Yes, I know, I should have kept all my files backed up. And I really intended to do just that when my previous computer suddenly died and I lost everything. But I'm an optimist- every time I get a new computer I fall into magical thinking- this new computer will never betray me and will do my bidding until I take my last photo, create my last graphic, write my last blog entry and take my last breath. Of course that's totally irrational, much like Jodi Arias' law of attraction nonsense. 

My dead desktop-

So now I'm on my laptop until I decide on a desktop. This laptop can't compare to the speed of my old desktop and all I want to do on it is play on Twitter and email. But until I make my mind up on what brand to get, I have no choice but to limp along on this...

I should have some fun photos to share from this coming weekend. Going on the First Friday Art Walk in the Village of the Arts tomorrow night, Saturday evening the annual Seafood Festival on the riverfront of downtown Bradenton, and on SundayI want to hit the annual plant sale at Tropiflora.

We got over 4 inches of rain today and a new cluster of storms just rolled in. Looks like it's going to rain most of the night. But that's fine because we've started the year off in drought mode and April is normally our driest month. The rain is supposed to be out of here by noon tomorrow with the temps cooling down a bit, sunny and dry. Perfect weather to get out and enjoy the weekend. I suggest y'all get out and do something fun this weekend, too. You never know- N. Korea might blow us away next week..wink wink...

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  1. I hope you were able to retrieve everything off of your dead computer. There are people that can do it. Tuz


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