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Monday, May 6, 2013

Surfers, Tiny Beach Beauty and Cranky Gulls

Not a cloud in the sky Sunday, but it was sure windy with rough water. There was a riptide warning so most people were staying on the beach sun bathing and reading. A couple weeks ago a little 6 year old  boy got caught in a riptide and drowned. So sad that some people don't heed the warnings. I have to admit that when we first moved here I ignored the warnings until I got caught in a riptide. It sure made a believer out of me. 

The Gulf water usually doesn't have the kind of waves needed for surfing, but these women were taking advantage of high waves Sunday afternoon...

See this gull cocking his head, looking up as another gull was coming down to land by him-

I think he was wanting alone time because he turned his back on his visitor-

And he squawked out a "good riddance" after the intruder flew off. 

A man proud of his Scottish heritage..,

This young woman looked like she was shooting a shampoo commercial. She was sure flinging her hair around and doing some great poses. 

I was totally captivated by this little girl. Such a tiny beauty! She was lost in a world of her own as she discovered treasures under the sand. She didn't need anyone to entertain her, just the beach and her own imagination. 

After carefully examining each treasure, she returned them back into the Gulf to someday wash ashore again to fascinate yet another beach lover.

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