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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Neighborhood Geranium Heist...

It was just another peaceful Sunday morning in the neighborhood.  Three of the homes on my block belong to snowbirds and the other four homes belong to quiet homebodies who never bother anyone. As I glanced outside Sunday morning I noticed one of my neighbors working in the flowerbed of one of the snowbirds. Every spring before he goes back home somewhere in the north, the gentleman fills the area with geraniums. Last year it was a bed of bright red geraniums and this year he planted pretty pink ones. I assumed my neighbor was being kind and weeding out the snowbird's flowerbed. since they aren't here to tend to them. She's like that- always helping others and doing things for people that they can't do for themselves. But as I watched I realized she wasn't weeding, she was yanking out entire plants and putting them in a white garbage bag. WTH??? When she was done there was nothing but dirt in that flowerbed. I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I called ROM over and told him what I had just witnessed. We were laughing hysterically as we watched her gather up the bag of geraniums and walked back across the street to her house. Where the geraniums are now, I haven't a clue. Of course stealing isn't funny, but this was so bizarre and unexpected we couldn't help but laugh at such a crazy act.

I'll have to meander over for a visit with her in a couple days, warn her there are geranium thieves roaming the neighborhood, and see if the stolen geraniums are now living in her back yard. I told ROM I wish I had some yellow police crime scene tape- I'd go out at night and put it around the snowbird's now empty flower bed.  When I told this story on Twitter yesterday some of my tweet friends had hilarious suggestions:

@teb22696    After dark, you should go over & replant the same type of geraniums. Then watch the thief's expression the next day. lol
@marywilkinson57  "make posters to post on utility poles, pic of geranium thief, reward, have you seen?"
@LuvToLoveU  "I think late tonight u should go & dig up the stolen plants & replant them at stolen neighbors house." 

On a more serious note another person in our community, this time a street over from us, was the victim of a home invasion. Evidently the thief was watching her because when she stepped out into her laundry room he broke in her screen door and grabbed her purse. All she saw was a figure running out of the house as she walked back in. Though it's not unusual for empty snowbird homes to get robbed in the summer months, it is unusual for thieves to break into occupied homes in our neighborhood. The police said we have to assume this person is armed and willing to risk a confrontation. Rotten bastard. I hate giving in to fear, but I guess I won't be sitting on my lanai at night until this person is caught or moves on to another senior community. We activated our motion detector lights even though I hate those things because they are so sensitive- even the wind can set them off, and of course we lock up tight at night.  And the ever diligent Isabella is on duty- waiting for any little thing to freak out over...

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  1. TFF! I was laughing so hard at the geranium theft that my daughter came in the room to see what was so funny. I loved the suggestion that you dig them up and replant them in the flower bed.


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