In 2002 we ran away from Illinois where we were born and raised, and started a new life in SW Florida. This blog is about me (an eccentric old artist), ROM (my Real Old Man), Isabella (our neurotic Standard Poodle) and Emmy (our crazy snake killing Jack Russell Terrier). Oh- and the neighborhood old people. Life is good in Florida!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weathering the Storms, Whether Emotional or Weather Related

The last few weeks have been a blur - family drama, stress and illness. The torrential rains and storms we had in the first week of July were symbolic of the crap going on in our lives. As the sump pump in the crawl space under our home sucked up mucky storm water and sent it into the sewer line, I imagined it sucking out all the unhappiness that had descended on us in late June.

Most of our family has passed, and we have distanced ourselves from the ones who are still alive due to their love of drama and never ending life problems of their own making. There's a price to pay for being stable and functioning, and we've paid it over and over again. We've repeatedly been the go to people for loved ones who get themselves into messes, and once again the phone rang asking for our help. Even though I swore many times in the past that we were done, that we are not a rescue service for dysfunctional people and that our home and checkbook were closed, we got sucked in once again by a desperate story.  And once again it ended up biting us in the ass. To make a long story short, after a week of chaos, lies, too many tears and lots of money, we sent our loved one on their way with a plane ticket and enough money to get themselves set up far away from us. And once again I said I'm done, no more... only this time I changed my phone number and deactivated the email addy this person always used to contact me.

And then I got sick- ugh... Good lord, I look like a sister wive with that updo, don't I? My only excuse is that I was sick, damn it!

I spent an afternoon at an urgent care clinic the last day of June where they injected drugs into my fanny, gave me a breathing treatment and sent me home with hundreds of dollars worth of meds.  Between the meds and ROM keeping me in a steady supply of Panera soup, I eventually kicked the shit out that stinkin' pneumonia and sinus infection.

By the 4th of July I was finally sure I was going to live so I made some of ROM's summer favorites- deviled eggs, potato salad and baked beans. The rains continued on the 4th and we had to broil our brats inside but, hey- it wasn't soup!

To say we were needing a beach day is an understatement. Yesterday we finally had a rain free day and headed for the island. Though clouds moved in and out throughout the day and there were moments of light rain, nothing could ruin this day on the beach for us.

The beach was a bit messy with lots of seaweed and shells washed in from the storms the previous week. It reminded me of years ago when I lived in IL. A girlfriend and I decided we absolutely had to  do seaweed wraps (I now can't even remember why)  and spent a small fortune obtaining it. And here is all this seaweed for free-LOL

This woman with her little leopard print bag must be from New Jersey...

I love how in the summer the laughing gulls get red in their beaks. Looks like he dipped his beak in can of red paint...

Lots of shells...

I wonder what she's reading? I need to find a good summer beach book...

Lots of seaweed...

Look at this exquisite tiny shell ROM found...

On our beach walk we saw this turtle nest, far enough back that it should be safe from any tropical storms that may visit us...

Bea, I took this pic just for you. Notice the name spelling on my shoes?

I watched this little snowy egret for at least an hour as he stalked the shoreline looking for yummies to eat...

And this gull gave him the dickens when he got too close... which I plan on doing if anyone tries to crash our happy home again ...


  1. So happy to see you back on your feet and breathing freely every way! Just love your beach pictures! Still hoping to get there at least once this summer. xoxox

    1. Thanks, Bobbi! I hope you get some fun time at the beach this year.

  2. LMAOOO!!! I love you ROH!!

    I know you had it rough the past few weeks and I'm praying things will get much better for you..



    1. Colombia! I burst out laughing when I noticed that on my shoe and had to take a pic for you

  3. Why pick on Jersey? Your a Jerseyian racist you are!

    <3 <3 ROH.. I love you more than my leopard print luggage..

    1. LOL! You caught it! Bea was so excited about Columbia on my shoe she missed the NJ reference

  4. Sorry you've had such a rough few weeks ROH. Hope your health is back and the draining people stay far away. You & ROM deserve a peaceful, happy life. And btw, you are gorgeous lady!! I don't see the "really old" in you any where lol! : ) xo

    1. I did notice I look pretty good when I'm sucking on a tube. I might make it part of my daily attire- color coordinate a breathing tube with my outfit. But the sister wife hairdo has to go.

  5. Aren't you cute as a button! A beautiful button, of course!

    I felt so bad for your latest family drama. I knew how it would come out because of your descriptions--my family dealings tend to have bad endings, as you know. Truly I am just happy for you it only took a week.

    Of course it was inevitable that you'd get sick then, your immune system weakened from the stress and this demonic weather. I'm so glad you're much better.

    1. Thanks, Dottie. My vision of hell would be spending eternity dealing with family and their never ending dramas-LOL Hope you're having a drama free summer

  6. Oh ROH you are just adorable xoxo


  7. I settled in to catch up on reading your blog recently as time permits. First off, you need to change your name to just 'housewife' 'cause you aren't really least not looking at all. Must be great genetics because there seems to be no lack of, they just gotta go. I agree. Most of mine are gone too and I'm done with some others. Thank goodness I get along with my kids and have 2 grand-babies now. I like peace and happiness too. I got pneumonia in(2011)after extreme family stress too. It was hard to bounce back and I was tired for months so I hope you are back to full steam. Take care. xo Tuz


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