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Monday, November 18, 2013

St. Armand Fine Art Festival-Part 1

I'm so far behind on blogging about our weekends. Now that our summer heat has abated and the Gulf water temps are too chilly for swimming, we're enjoying other things to do in the area. It will be several weeks before the masses of dreaded snowbirds and holiday tourists descend on us. That's the one draw back to living somewhere that so many people want to visit. 

The weekend before last, 11/9/13, we spent the day enjoying the St. Armands Fine Art Festival. The weather was perfect with sunny skies and temps barely making it to 80. I have posted this map to give you an idea of where St. Armand's Key is located. In the middle of the Key is the delightful St. Armand's Circle. 

The festival drew in a lot of people so we had to park on John Ringling Blvd. and walk to the Circle. The walk along Sarasota Bay to the event turned out to be one of the best parts of the day. I took so many photos walking to the festival I'm posting them in this entry and will post photos of the actual festival in the next blog post. 

These were all taken of the north side of John Ringling Blvd. 

Almost missed these birds as they quietly rested along the water edge in the shade of the trees.

I loved the landscaping in front of this home hidden back behind a gate and wall. 

The bird of paradise plants were all blooming up and down the Blvd. I have the full size white Bird of Paradise but I want to add some of these smaller colorful ones to my yard. 

I love this bromeliad growing the fork of this tree. 

As you approach the Circle there is a lovely church with beautifully landcaped grounds. 

This gorgeous water fountain is in front of the shop Foxy Lady. 

When we reached the Circle, these gorgeous Orchid trees were blooming. I must get one of these trees! There are several species of this tree and I want the Hong Cong variety which is sterile.  I've already started my search...

In the next entry I'll show you photos of the actual festival. So many incredibly talented artists!

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