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Monday, November 18, 2013

St. Armand Fine Art Festival- Part 2

In part one of St. Armand Fine Art Festival entry I showed you photos of the natural beauty we saw on our walk to the festival. And now photos of gorgeous man made art...

There were so many talented artists showcasing their work, I wish I could tell you about all of them. Well, all of them except one who I'll talk about at the end of this post- a pompous little ass, in my opinion.  Anyway, here is some info and photos of my favorites. 

April Davis art just blew me away. The vivid colors of her work instantly grab your attention. Visit her website to see even more of her amazing art.

Chatting with this artist was a delight. He shared with us that he had never carved a thing in his life until a few years ago. Obviously he's a natural! He creates his art using drift wood and fallen cypress trees found along the Santa Fe River. Please visit Randy Brooks Facebook page to see more of his wonderful creations. 

Another gifted artist who captures the natural beauty of Florida is Martin Figlinski. You can see more of his beautiful paintings on his website.

I loved these stunning photo art pieces. 

Michelle Hinz does unique textured art. She was so interesting to chat with and freely shared the names of products she uses in her work. More of her lovely art can be seen at her site

Teresa Moorehouse's art work is breathtaking! Her art pieces have a mystical feel and are truly stunning in person. Be sure to visit her website for more of her beautiful creations.

And then there was this guy... I was standing outside his booth taking random photos and he came scurrying out to sarcastically point out his numerous little signs forbidding photos of his work. Hell, I can't read anything unless I'm right on top of it and wearing my reading glasses, which I wasn't that day. Whenever I see signs with the no-no symbol I assume it is to forbid smoking in the area. Anyway, after he pointed out repeatedly that his work was copywrite protected, I assured the rude pretentious little twit that I would not post any photos of his work. Like I was going to post pics of his work and say I took the photo of the elephant swimming in the water off Anna Maria Island-ha!  I find it hilarious that someone would choose to exhibit on publically owned land at an event open to the public and then get his panties in wad when someone dared to take a photograph.  If you're just dying to see Chris Guglielmo work you can hop on over to his website- but don't take any photos! He might hunt you down and kill you with pretentious sarcasm. 

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