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Monday, January 20, 2014

Anna Maria Island 1st Annual Chalk Art Festival

I've barely left the house in the past six weeks but I couldn't miss Anna Maria Island's 1st Annual Chalk Art Festival. I mean come on, two of my favorite things in the world- chalk art and Anna Maria Island. How could I miss that? Saturday was cold and windy so we waited until Sunday which was much warmer though cloudy and misty. It didn't rain, thank ya jezzuz, but the heavy clouds hanging over the island occasionally spit on us. 

Anyway, there was a great turnout which meant we had to park several blocks away. We lucked out and found a small space where we could squeeze in our little Tracker. One of the things I love about our Tracker is it's so small we can park in spaces most people can't. 

On our walk to the chalk art area we passed Ginny's & Jane E's cafe where this tricked out bike was parked. 

(Note: You can view the photos via the slide show just by clicking photo or you can right click and select "Open in new window" to see the full size photos)

Many of the artists where still working on their art. I'm sure they didn't get a lot done on Saturday due to the cold windy weather. 

As we walked back to our car we got to see this gorgeous mermaid finished. It was stunning!

Look at the amazing detail in this one...

And this was one of my favorites! There were quite a few sea turtles which ROM and I laughed about because I've been obsessed with painting sea turtles the past few weeks. The art Muses must be sending out sea turtle vibes...

The festival organizers had the great idea of placing blackboards throughout the exhibit area that encouraged spectators to be participants.  

Mermaids appeared numerous times . This one was exquisite! 

We saw quite a few people with their dogs. Though dogs aren't allowed on any of the island beaches, it's nice to see our four legged buddies are welcome in other areas of the island. 

This one reminded me of the last season of RHONY when the girls went on their island get away and they frolicked with the pirate guy. 

My photos of this beautiful work don't do it justice. It really stood out. 

I loved the detail in this one. The eyes were amazing. 

This artist actually encouraged kids to stand on his work. I'm sure their parents got a great photo of the kids "riding" the shark.  

I had intended to buy one of the event catalogs so I would have the names of the artists to include with my photos, but I completely forgot. Damn! 

There were several musical groups performing...

This guy was a bit perturbed and bitching about the volume of the music the kids down the street were rocking. I bet he's one of those people who yells at kids "Get outta my yard!" and keeps their ball. 

I have to admit they were loud- LOL 

I think everyone who attended would agree that the 1st Annual Anna Maria Island Chalk Art Festival was a huge success. The art was amazing and they drew in a nice sized crowd. I hope it doesn't get too big in the years to come as large crowds are often a problem for this beautiful little island during tourist and snowbird season.  We don't attend many events on the island during the winter months because of the crowds. We patiently wait for the long hot summer months when the snowbirds have gone home and the island belongs to the locals once again...


  1. Wowser those are some talented artists. Do they put a sealer on them so they won't wear off or wash away? I love your blogs and pictures about the island. I'd sure like to visit there some day.

    1. I'm not sure if they put any kind of sealer on. When I attended the chalk art festival in Sarasota I heard someone chastising one of the artists for using a sealer because they don't want the drawings left on the street and are washed off after the festival. But I don't know about the one on Anna Maria Island. It does seem like a shame that such beautiful work is only temporary.

  2. What great photos! Thank you for posting these. The limited photos in the Islander didn't do the festival justice.

    1. Thanks, Terri, I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm a photo pig and always think more is better ;)

  3. Beautiful pictures! The artists' work is so pretty it's a shame it gets washed away or worn off, or do they use a sealer like Betty asked?


    1. Thanks, Linda. I'm not sure if they sealed them at the Anna Maria festival, but I know they tell the artists NOT to seal them at the one held in Sarasota. I think it would be great if the artists sold prints of their designs. I would have loved to have brought home some prints of the art at the Anna Maria festival.

  4. Ha Ha! I'm one of the snowbirds you locals hate. That's okay, I don't blame you. I get annoyed with the traffic and crowds,too, and I'm part of the problem. Just the price you have to pay for living in paradise, you lucky lady. The chalkart photos are great. We didn't get to attend because my husband is sick with the flu. Thanks for sharing them. I love your blog.
    Just another snowbird

    1. LOL! Pay me no mind, I just like to bitch and snowbirds are a good target. I hope you're enjoying your winter with us and that your husband is feeling better.

  5. Beautiful pictures and great job photographing them, thanks for sharing ROH. It is snot freezing cold here now, 7 degrees and a foot of snow. I hope to visit some snowbird friends west of you next month. Tuz


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