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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shopping, Dinner and a Sunset...

Since spring break was over for most people and Easter had come and gone, we headed out Saturday in hopes that many of the tourists and snowbirds had returned home. No such luck...

We had to park many blocks away from St. Armands Circle because of the hordes of people. We spent the afternoon browsing through the shops and I spent way too much money at the Cotton Club. Love, love, love their clothes- such vivid colors and perfect clothes for our hot humid summers. I have one complaint about the shops on the Circle... they keep their doors wide open and don't run their air conditioning- even in the dead of summer. It was uncomfortably warm and humid last Saturday- close to 90 and muggy. When out on the street at least there was a breeze, but in the shops it was just dead warm air. I would have bought more if I wasn't in a hurry to get out of each shop because it was so freaking hot. 

There was an art festival going on but by the time we were done shopping many of the booths were starting to close up for the evening.

I love this statue of Neptune in the Circle. I was going to take photos of all the statues but carrying Bertha around all day as I shopped wore me out. I snapped this photo as we waddled to the Columbia Restaurant for dinner before we drove to Anna Maria Island for the sunset. Bertha pouted when we ordered only a salad. I tried explaining to the chubby bitch that we had to get in shape to wear all those pretty summer clothes we had just bought, but she still felt sorry for herself and sulked. 

I love the ride from St. Armands Circle to Anna Maria Island along the Gulf of Mexico Drive. Beautiful views of the Gulf, gorgeous homes of the rich folks partially hidden behind landscaping so lush it takes your breath away- truly paradise.  And then we crossed the bridge from Long Boat Key to Anna Maria Island and suddenly we were in bumper to bumper traffic inching along at barely 5 mph. Locals on the Island have been bitching for several years that they are over saturated with tourists and visitors... and they're right. The laid back atmosphere that has drawn people to it for so many years is rapidly disappearing. Anna Maria Island is no longer Florida's best kept secret. I feel bad for the locals who have called the Island home for generations- it must be heartbreaking to watch their way of life disappear.

The sunset was kind of blah compared to the masterpieces we usually see. No clouds to intensify the colors and give it contrast, but still a thing of beauty to watch at the end of the day.  It was hard to get any photos without the crowds of people on the beach in the frame but I caught a few...

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