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Monday, May 19, 2014

Ebb and Flow of Life and A Day At The Beach

Too many time during my lifetime I've known emotional pain that has brought me to my knees and left me certain that my spirit was broken beyond repair. It wasn't and I survived them all.  And during my lifetime I have also experienced times of such incredible happiness and joy that I was sure it must be a once in a lifetime experience. It wasn't, I've had many times of spirit soaring happiness. What I've learned is that life is a continuous ebb and flow, always changing, a mixture of good and bad.  Never let the dark times trap you because there is moment of joy just waiting for you to find it. I'm as certain of that as I am that the sun will come up in the morning, set in the evening and the stars will come out at night. And with that in mind, it's time that I begin to work my way out of my grief.

Surrendering to grief would be easy, the path of least resistance. I could settle into it with no effort at all. And that would be a damn shame, not just for me but also for those who love me. I need to ease myself back into the ebb and flow of life. And what better place to start than at the beach...

A day at one of Anna Maria Island beaches reminded me of several things I knew and had forgotten, such as...

The simple beauty of nature is always inspiring to me...

If no one will throw the ball to you, throw it yourself!

 And catch it yourself when the waves bring it back to you...

Building sandcastles in the sun with a friend is always better than hiding inside trying to go it alone. 

Sharing your little joys with a loved one is better than sharing your misery. 

Looking for the little treasures of life can lead to joyful discoveries. 

I know my grief won't magically disappear. The loss of my son is a pain I will carry with me the rest of my life. But there will also be times of happiness ahead for me and I will be ready to experience them. 


  1. Your words are so inspiring ROH! You bring up so many positive points that can be used in so many aspects of life. Your pictures are as beautiful as your spirit. I enjoy your blog so much, thank you.


    1. Thank you so much for your continuous support, Linda. I really appreciate it. I would blog whether anyone ever read it or not, but it makes it a lot more fun when people like you respond with such kindness.

  2. Your pictures and your art bring me such joy, they always make me smile. You're such an honest woman & while I can't feel your pain, your words give me strength. You embody the meaning of "beautiful person" inside and out.

    1. Oh Jane, what a sweet thing to say! So often many of us (myself included) are quick to criticize and find fault, but you go out of your way to look for the good and give such positive feedback. Thank you!

  3. Your blog always gets a reaction from me. Sometimes its tears, sometimes laughs and sometimes it takes my breath away like today's blog. You have such a talent with your words and your photos. As the previous commenter said, you're a beautiful person inside and out.

    1. Liz, I hope I bring you more laughs than tears. We all need to laugh more. Thank you so much for being supportive and taking the time to leave comments.

  4. Even in your words of grief and struggle, I find inspiration. Thank you.


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