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Monday, August 10, 2015


Do you ever think about how much energy and time we put into trying to control things, situations, people and ourselves? Just think about all the things we try to control...

We try to control our natural body odors daily by showering, lathering,shampooing,applying antiperspirants and spraying ourselves with scents. When we have our personal stench under control we then attack our homes with cleansers and polishes. The endless Febreeze commercials remind us we must control the smell of our cars and homes, too. 

Most of us can relate to the battle of trying to control our weight and health... counting calories, cutting fats and carbs, and getting our daily intake of fruits and vegetables. And of course getting daily exercise. We do and eat all these things we don't want to do and don't want eat in attempt to control the way we look and to extend our lives. 

It's not enough that we try to control our own moods and emotions, we try even harder to control the moods and emotions of our loved ones. In fact we'll suppress our own emotions to make our family and friends feel good. We want everyone we love to be happy and safe, and at times try to move mountains to get someone we love out of a bad situation. 

I was just outside watching a storm move in. Thunder was rumbling as intense lightning was flashing across the dark sky. The wind picked up and I could see the storm moving closer and closer. As I thought about the power of nature, I felt a sense of relief that this was something I didn't have to try to control. The weather will do what it will do and can't be controlled. I suddenly felt like the tree frogs in the back yard who were singing their little hearts out- just enjoying the cool breeze and not wasting a second worrying about or trying to control the approaching storm. If only we humans were as aware that there really is very little we can control other than ourselves.  And the way we smell...      

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