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Friday, November 11, 2016

Who's To Blame? The Deplorables

There are a lot of fingers pointing at the Democrats right now. Apparently some blame the Dems for America electing The King of Deplorables as the next President of our country.  So it's the Democrats fault that the Republicans chose Trump as their candidate for president? And it’s also the Democrats fault that people found his hate fueled campaign appealing? I keep hearing if the Democrats ran Bernie instead of Hillary that Trump would have been defeated. I find that hard to believe. How could anyone who believed in Bernie and what he represented vote for Trump out of anger and spite? Trump and Bernie's platforms and ideology couldn't be farther apart.
Some are blaming the press for Trump’s win.  Yes, they were hard on Hillary and yes they did air excessive coverage of Trump.  But I would think that anyone of average intelligence and just a smidgen of morals would have been thoroughly disgusted with what we were shown.  We saw him publicly mock and ridicule a man with a disability. Can you imagine being singled out in a large public crowd and openly mocked? And to hear the crowd laugh as you were being humiliated?  If you weren’t horrified and angered by that act of cruelty you truly are deplorable.

We can’t forget Trump’s ugly comment about John McCain. Though he never served one minute in the military, he smugly said he didn’t consider McCain a war hero because he got captured and he only liked people who didn’t get captured.  If you think it’s okay to demean a man who suffered such horrific torture while serving our country you truly are deplorable.
We had the tape of a conversation between Trump and Billy Bush where he openly bragged about grabbing women by the pussy and kissing them without their consent.  And don’t forget his penchant for rating women strictly on their physical looks and publicly demeaning women with cruel name calling. He dismissed women who have come forward and accused him sexual assault by insinuating it couldn’t be true because he found them unattractive.  If you think all this is okay, you truly are deplorable.

I don’t think we’ll ever forget Trump addressing the size of his penis during a national debate. And yes, Rubio started that tawdry exchange, but Trump felt so threatened he needed to publicly tell us that his penis size was "bigly". If you want a president who publicly discusses his penis size, you truly are deplorable.

And then there’s his wall… that he will make Mexico pay for it (if you believe that you’re an idiot).  Because we all know that Mexicans only come here to sell drugs and rape American women. I guarantee you the majority of rapes in America are being committed by home grown violent deviant men- you know, the one’s that feel entitled to grab women by the pussy. In addition to the wall he also said he would round up all the undocumented people and deport them with no exceptions.  Of course reasonable people know this would be an impossible task, but let’s consider for a moment it was possible. Do you have any idea how the cost of groceries would skyrocket without the cheap labor undocumented workers now provide?  (The morality of paying any worker, whether documented or not, such meager wages and no benefits is a worthy topic for another post).  How do we ignore the fact that families would be ripped apart with a mass deportation of people? If you think it’s okay to separate parents from their children, you truly are deplorable.

I could write for hours specifying every disgusting thing Trump has said and done. Ain’t nobody got time for that! The list is so long one could make it their life’s work.  So who is to blame for Trump being elected President of the United States? Every one of you deplorable people who voted for him is to blame.  He’s your President, not mine. He’s now the President of The Deplorables.  Damn pity we can’t keep the Mexicans and deport all The Deplorables.  I think the Mexicans love America more than The Deplorables do.


  1. Brava! And well said.

    The Deplorables now blame the Iraq War & the ensuing rise of ISIL on President Obama and Hillary. That's how much they take responsibility for voting for the men who actually brought on that war--which Bush was planning before 9-11, documented FACT.

    The Deplorables really are despicable on every level. I have asked myself many times, what do they teach their children? No wonder schools are in decline, with parents who teach them everything bad is someone else's fault; that they can sexually assault females, not a problem; that they can mock and bully and that's GOOD! LAUGH!

    Yes, the United States of Deplorables. Perfect description. I expect the attacks on females to increase--everything from our right to vote, make any reproductive decisions, and sexual assaults, abuse, and murder. I've seen it already. I can't imagine how terrified black Americans, Latinos, and are.

    Oh, yeah, one other thing; FUCK THE CHRISTIANS. They have turned out to be the most amoral, evil force in the country formerly known as America. They sure let their masks down this election, didn't they? And to the Jews who voted for Trump and the GOP because their first loyalty is to Israel--CAN'T WAIT to see how de facto American President Putin deals with you now.

    As for me, I am now an American Refugee.

  2. PS Upon reflection, I realize it's not fair of me to unload on your blog like this, ROH. I won't be offended if you need to take my previous post down. Sorry, I'm pretty much crazy mad with grief. But I do love you and all our good Twitter friends, that won't ever change.

    1. Rage away, my friend! We old radicals have to let it out or we'll explode. My heart wants to be out protesting but my old body isn't up to it. So I blather here and on Twitter, sign petitions & donate money


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