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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dear Women Who Voted For Trump...

Dear Women Who Voted For Trump,

It's New Year's Eve and I just finished watching Suffragette on HBO.  It's absolutely chilling to watch what our grandmothers endured to win women the right to vote. They were beaten and jailed but refused to give up their fight. They endured horrible hardships for years, all so that the women who came after them would have the right to vote. 

In the following years women had to fight for the right to access and use birth control, for equal employment opportunities, for the right to have credit in our own names, for the right to not be raped and beaten by our husbands, and the right to serve in the military. We still to this day fight for equal pay. And still we must fight for control of our own bodies as the right wing anti-choice faction work feverishly to defund Planned Parenthood and reverse Roe vs Wade. 

Generations of women have struggled, suffered and fought to make America better for us, our daughters and grand daughters. And how do we honor them? We elect as President of the United States a man who brags how his fame allows him to grab women by the pussy.

How any woman who has read about the Suffrage Movement, watched the movies "Iron Jawed Angels" and "Suffragette", been subjected to unwanted groping and assault by men, and been belittled for their appearance could vote for Donald Trump, I will never understand. They are an embarrassment to our gender and I have nothing but contempt for them. They chose willful ignorance by over looking Trump's long history of demeaning women in so many ways. Shame on them! 

Though Trump's misogyny is just one of many reasons he is unfit to be President, it's the reason that is most personal to me.  I greet the new year of 2017 with sadness and anger that so many in our country have such disrespect for women that they would elect Trump as President. May your daughters and grand daughters forgive you for voting for Trump... but I won't. 


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    1. Thank you for taking the time read this post and leave a comment. I appreciate it, Connie!

  2. How do we honor our female forbears who fought for our freedoms? Not by voting for a woman who stays married to a philanderer, works to destroy reputations of women who were chased by Bill, not to mention her constant lies about everything. Benghazi. Emails. Server. On and on. Hillary doesn't DESERVE the honor of being POTUS.

  3. Sorry, Anonymous, but I've grown weary of debating these ridiculous accusations re: Benghazi, Bill's affairs with consensual adult women and emails. I suggest you start your own blog where you can beat these dead horses and discuss conspiracy theories with like minded people.

  4. I am disappointing we didn't have better choices to lead us.
    It's a good thing we have a thing called checks and balances which means a senate who won't give in to the Orange man.
    3 and a half years left, let the count down begin.


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