In 2002 we ran away from Illinois where we were born and raised, and started a new life in SW Florida. This blog is about me (an eccentric old artist), ROM (my Real Old Man), Isabella (our neurotic Standard Poodle) and Emmy (our crazy snake killing Jack Russell Terrier). Oh- and the neighborhood old people. Life is good in Florida!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Try To Be Tactful...

The following is today's email exchange between the community manager and myself. I'm so proud that I was tactful in my reply, though I had to add to this entry what I was really wanting to say:

Dear xxxx (community office manager),
   Why is my water off again today? This is such an inconvenience.
When will it be turned back on?
Thank you-
xxxxxxx xxxx
Dear xx. xxxx,
   We are still replacing and repairing pipes. It was announced at the community morning coffee, posted on clubhouse bulletin board, aired on the community cable station, and all block captains were informed.  The water will be turned back on at 3:00 p.m.
xxxxxx (community manager)
Dear xxxx (community manager)
   I'm still capable of making my own coffee in the mornings which for me isn't until after 10 a.m. unlike these crazy old farts that retired just so they could get up at 5 a.m. every day and have coffee together at 7 a.m. at the damn clubhouse and don't attend the lovely morning coffees klatches my wonderful neighbors gather for every morning.

I also didn't see the signs on the bulletin board in the community room of the clubhouse. I've shunned all social gatherings in the community after our first party experience when that drunken old woman with bright red lipstick smeared on her mouth and teeth played the accordion and sang. I had no idea polka music actually had lyrics, and you could have knocked me over with a frigging walker when I realized the majority of people there knew the frigging lyrics and sang along! Due to my husband's work schedule we're unable to attend the social functions held at the clubhouse.

As for the community cable station, Oh sweet jezzuz, you really expect me to sit through 20 minutes of slowly changing pages announcing who attended and won the endless card games at the clubhouse, upcoming luncheons, announcements of bus trips, birthdays, lists of who's in the hospital or has died, inspirational quotes, and announcements for the upcoming schedule of Sit & Exercise (like that will compensate for daily visits to all you can eat buffets) and after all that... finally there's a page of important community notices. It's 2011, sweet jezzuz! Would it kill you to put up a website or blog for important announcements we're so busy we seldom have time to check out the informative community cable station.

Unfortunately I'm so busy I seldom see my block captain are you freaking serious? My block captain is 87 yrs. old and has trouble even going out to get her mail and haven't had a chance to chat with her lately.

Thank you for informing me of when I can expect my water to be turned back on. My damn water better be back on at 3 or I'll be emailing your ass again. I hope I didn't annoy you with my inquiring email.
Thank you for your time,
xxxxx xxxx

Monday, June 27, 2011

Anna Maria Island Weekend Photos...

We had a rainy weekend so we didn't do much playing on the beach. Mother Nature is such a perverse bitch, after months of leaving us parched with crispy lawns she decides we can have rain but only on the weekend. Come on Mama! Can't you send the rain on week days instead of the weekends? I know I should just be grateful for any rain, and I am, but please revise your schedule and bring us rain on week days when we're cooped inside working.    
It stopped raining late Saturday afternoon and evening so we did get to spend some time on the beach watching and photographing  the sunset.
(Click All Photos To See Full Size)

Real Old Man setting up....

A new sea turtle nest...

And the show begins...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Raining!

After hearing thunder all day, finally right after sunset the rain arrived.

Of course Isabella has been popping xanax all day and once the rain started she took up her position in the hallway staring at her wall. But my yard, plants and the tree frogs are happy. The little frogs are singing their hearts out after being quiet so long.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lightning and Gecko Gentials

I was just outside, it was thundering and lots of lightning just north of us. Once again the storms scooted around us. 
(Click Photos for Full Size)

I had been photographing a gecko on the lanai screen (with the zoom on) trying to get a photo of gecko genitals for Nohohousewife. I forgot to take the zoom off so the lightning pics aren't that good. Oh, and I didn't see any genitals on the gecko either... if they have any, they're well hidden...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Hear Thunder!

For the past two afternoons I've heard thunder and saw rain on the radar within just a few miles from us.  We've gotten not even a drop. It gets close enough that I can even smell it, but after teasing me, at the last minute scoots around us. It's like being alone and having to listen to another couple have sex- and they're really enjoying it.  My entire yard looks like this-

With daily temps in the 90's and the UV index soaring to a 12 every afternoon, even the weeds have burned to a crisp.  The grey sand that passes for dirt in Florida coats everything with a coat of dull grey dust. What happened to my lushly landscaped tropical Florida? The only thing this weather is fit for is playing on the beach, in the pool or holed up in the house with the air conditioning blasting.

The only good thing about this weather is that I'm less likely to wander outside and get distracted from my work in the studio. I'm almost finished bedazzling my big ass lizard sculpture. I'm also working on a canvas collage using the treasures I found on the beach last weekend.. it's laid out and waiting for me to start:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Anna Maria Island Weekend Photos

All along the miles of beautiful beaches on Anna Maria Island are privately owned homes, resorts and rental cottages, though all the beach area is public property. There are some stunning mansions along with charming little cottages. My favorite of them all isn't one of the huge mansions, but this little blue cottage that sits behind some sand dunes.
(Click Photos to See Full Size)

The wild morning glories that grow among the dunes were blooming this weekend and looked so pretty.

Beach lovers that were enjoying the day in the sun reading...

Real Old Man and my chairs are usually empty. We spend most of our time either playing in the water or wandering the beach looking for shells and other treasures.
While we were out in the water we were treated to the sight of dolphins passing by about 20 feet in front of us. It's not unusual to see dolphins and manatees, and even sharks occasionally. I had a very frightening encounter with three sharks when I was floating around on my raft one day. I'll have to tell that story some day.

As I was standing on the shoreline watching for more dolphins, Real Old Man walked up behind me and was softly stroking my shoulders and back. I was thinking he must be feeling frisky. When I remarked how nice his touch felt he completely burst my bubble. He said he had recently read an article about the importance of having someone check your back and shoulders for irregular moles that might be cancerous, so he wasn't lusting after me after all- just looking for suspicious moles... Ahhhh... the golden years... colonoscopies and searching each other for the first sign of skin cancer...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

He Has The Bowel Of A Man Half His Age...

Real Old Man survived his long colonoscopy prep night and the next morning we headed to the Outpatient Anus Center for his procedure. I got no where with my request to video tape the first colonoscopy docu-comedy. What can I say, he has no sense of adventure and isn't a dreamer like me. He wouldn't even let me take a photo of him entering the butt facility. He feared one of the freaky Real Housewives fans on Twitter would see the name of the facility, track down and bribe one of the employees to get a video copy of his "scope", put it on You Tube and post it on an anonymous blog.  I told him he was being ridiculous, nothing like that would ever happen... he gave me a weird combination stink eye/side eye look which made it clear I should just give it up.

After filling out some papers and paying ( I guess they want to make sure they get their money just in case something goes wrong and you aren't around to pay it), he was soon called back and I settled in to wait with a Chelsea Handler book. About every 15 minutes a new patient would arrive and were taken into the the back (after paying of course), while others slowly shuffled out. I don't know if they were moving so slowly because of drugs or just because they were so freaking old- they were all ancient- I mean really, really old. At the age of ninety do you really need to be worrying about colonoscopies?

After four chapters of "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" and a brief walk around the parking lot, an hour and forty five minutes had passed when a nurse called me back to the recovery room. There was my honey, sitting up with a sweet goofy smile on his face. I think he was enjoying the drugs... a lot. The nurse explained to me that everything went great, no problems were detected and he had the colon of a man half his age. He beamed with pride as if she had just compared him to a heavy weight boxing champion. She even made a comment that it was wonderful to have a patient that could hear and she didn't have to holler to be heard. He was smiling ear to ear by this time. The way ROM was puffing up, I wasn't sure if it was with pride or if they had over inflated him. I had no idea the way to his heart was to compliment his bowel. Hot damn, he could hear and he didn't have polyps hanging out his ass. He's a keeper.  I mentioned I had noticed the advance age of the other patients I saw coming and going, but I refrained from telling her I thought it was mean to take those old peoples money and put them through the ordeal of having miles of tubing crammed up their poor old withered asses. 

The nurse said the doctor would meet with us after ROM was dressed and handed me his folded clothes. Then she extended her hand with a glove and baby wipe... both ROM and I just stared at her, neither reaching out to take the offered glove and wipe. I broke the stalemate by blurting out: "I have to wipe his ass?" She looked at me a minute and then burst out laughing, and the other lady cleaning up the area on the other side of the curtain laughed and said that was the funniest thing she'd heard in there in a long time. I didn't think it was funny at all, surely that couple thousand dollars we just paid them covered any necessary ass wiping, wouldn't you think?  Much to my relief, the nurse assured me he was quite capable of wiping his own ass. And with out further ado, ROM got dressed and we were soon on our way back home.

As for the post procedure gassy deflation process, I was spared that since ROM ate a bagel and went directly to bed where he spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping off the drugs. And another adventure is now behind us....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

And Action!

Real Old Man has retired to the guest bedroom/bath with the laptop. He said he needed some alone time to watch TV and play internet games. He's not the least bit amused that I can find a way to work the word "inflation" into just about anything we happen to be discussing. His stomach is making very odd and disturbing noises- it scared Isabella.  So it's just as well he's decided to spend the rest of the evening in isolation. I'd hate to be forced to medicate Bella due to the racket being made by his gurgling bowels.

I'm still negotiating with him for filming rights to the inflation process...


The Mirolax is mixed with the Gatorade (notice no beer in sight) and the chug-a-lug has started. I told ROM we'd make a game out of it- every time I say something funny about his colonoscopy he had to drink 8 oz. of the mix. To start it off I yelled "Inflation!" He didn't think that was funny but drank it anyway. I don't know why, but the inflation part just strikes me as hilarious.While we were out eating I suddenly burst out laughing, and when he asked what was so funny all I could gasp was "Inflation" between uncontrollable peals of laughter. People were looking at us so strangely.
It's a good thing I read the instructions ROM brought home. When he got ready to take his first drink he told me he had to drink 16 oz. every 15 minutes. I tried to tell him no, just 8 oz. in 15 minutes but he didn't believe me until he rechecked his instruction sheet.

He's now had two shots of the magic elixir.  I pointed out to him that it is now 5:30 and the instructions said to apply Vaseline at 5 p.m. He told me I needn't concern myself with the Vaseline and there would definitely be no photos of that step.

And The Preparation Ritual Begins...

I took Real Old Man out for a late breakfast- his last meal until his anal probing, sometime tomorrow afternoon. As you can see he cleaned his plate, or rather plates.
It's now 1 p.m. and he has completed step one of his pre-colonoscopy cleansing ritual- ingested two laxative tablets.  On the way home this morning we stopped to pick up Vaseline and baby wipes which the instruction sheet said he should use at 5 p.m. Why 5 p.m. was specifically noted as the time to lubricate and wipe I have no idea. But I assume these instructions were written by an experienced and officially certified colon preparation expert and they know what they're talking about.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Real Old Man To Be Purged, Inflated, and Probed...

There are many indignities involved in getting older. In my opinion, undergoing a colonoscopy has to be one of the worst. I'm sorry, but I don't care if it's considered an important health screening test, my ass puckers up tight just thinking about it. Some portals are for exporting only, and that's one of them. Mine does not accept deliveries, strictly for outgoing purposes. I don't care if I have polyps the size of basketballs, nothing is going up my butt. Katie Couric can have umpteen videos of her colonoscopies, I will never have a camera connected to 40 feet of tubing shoved up my ass. Subject closed.

Real Old Man, on the other hand, actually listens to his doctor and complies with his recommendations. During his recent checkup, his doctor urged him to have his first colonoscopy and then made the appointment for him. When ROM told me had  scheduled that day off work, I suggested he take the day before off, too. He was under the impression he'd just show up that day, they'd give him some good drugs and he'd see a cool video of his colon.

I was truly sorry to have to tell him about the horrible prep stories I'd heard. Okay, so I wasn't all that sorry and at times was laughing so hard I had to stop to catch my breath. Poor naive man was quite alarmed when I told him he'd spend most the day prior to the procedure on the toilet and he'd only be able to have clear liquids for 24 hours. I don't think this man has ever taken a laxative or gone 24 hrs. without eating. A whole new experience for him. He thought I was exaggerating until he got the information packet from the doctor's office.

Being the helpful spouse I am, I read the instructions out loud to him.  First was the list of laxatives to be mixed with a gallon of Gatorade, tea, or water (but nothing red or purple) and instructions for when and at what intervals they were to be taken. The overdose of laxatives starts at 1:00 p.m. and at 5:00 p.m. it's suggested you apply Vaseline to your rectum and use baby wipes. This one had me doubled over in laughter and poor ROM just stared at me in horror.

Then we moved on to the article about what to expect on the day of the procedure. When I got to the part about them inflating the colon I was laughing so hard I had to leave the room to compose myself. I had never heard of the colon inflating part before. The article went on to say this will cause one to have gas later. I guess that's why it warns not to stop to eat on the way home, but to go directly home and eat light foods. I know I sure don't want to be in a public restaurant with a gassy man who may erupt in explosive diarrhea when food hits his empty stomach, just in case any of that overdose of laxatives is still in his system.

After sharing all this helpful information (and enjoying every minute of it) ROM made the list of laxatives he needed to buy, and off he went to gather his supplies. And he came home with these items...

 And this is the discussion that followed:

Me: You can't mix that stuff with beer!

ROM: Why not? It's a clear liquid, and isn't red or purple.

Me: So you're going to drink a gallon of laxative spiked beer - eight ounces every fifteen minutes on an empty stomach?

ROM: Sure, might as well drink something I enjoy.

Me: If you think I'm going to deal with a drunk who's overdosed on laxatives, you're out of your ever lovin' freakin' mind!  Go get some Gatorade.

ROM: How about half a gallon of beer and half a gallon of Gatorade?

Me: You can wait and have your beer after the procedure, get just as drunk and gassy as you want. Isabella and I will stay in the computer room, and you can gas up the living room and drink beer to your heart's content. But there will be no mixture of beer and laxatives.

He came back with Gatorade....

Since I have to accompany him to his colonoscopy, I thought it would be fun to try out my new Flip HD  video camera and film the procedure. ROM has flat out refused and said he'll tell the nurses and doctor to search my bag for cameras before allowing me in the room. I assured him I wouldn't show his face.  When he reminded me that Katie had already done the colonoscopy filming, I pointed out that mine would be a different perspective- mine would be funny. This could start a while new career for me- comedy documentaries. I've already thought of some hilarious lines to narrate the inflation part.

ROM responded: If you want a new career be a greeter at Walmart because there is no way in hell I'll allow you to video tape my colonoscopy.

Me: You're no Joe Gorga- he's so supportive of his wife and her new singing career. Why can't you give me some support for my new docu/comedy career? Where's the love?

ROM: So start singing, I'll fully support a singing career. My colonoscopy has nothing to do with how much I love you, and you aren't going to film my colonoscopy while you crack jokes.

I've been sharing all my random thoughts about ROM's upcoming procedure with him. Such as...  what if they over inflate him? Will he float?  What if they inflated him with helium? Would his gas come out in a funny high pitched cartoon tone?

Anyway... I'm taking ROM out to breakfast in the morning, then he'll start his fast and "cleansing". Let the fun begin...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No More Stabbed Tatas For Me!

I just got back from Isabella's late night walk and moaned in delight when I took my bra off. Gawd, I hate those things, especially with the underwires. I sudddenly decided having perky firm breasts just isn't all that important to me anymore. So enough of this bullshit! I'm sitting at my desk with a little pair of scissors taking the under wires out of my bras. Two down, and eight more to go...
I hesitantly ordered several two piece swim suits from Spanx, prepared not to like them. I bought an expensive body control suit last summer- hated it and never once wore it to the beach. All it did was push the fat up under my arms  so it could hang out under the arm openings, which was not a pretty look. And so frigging uncomfortable. But I'm tickled to say I love the Spanx suits- they fit wonderfully, are comfortable and  actually do give me a slimmer look. They are well made and the strapless tops actually stay up. I hope they come out with more colors in the future. Now I need to get back to removing the under wires from the rest of my bras....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Photos

It was a gorgeous weekend on the beach. Clear skies, calm water which means it was clear and perfect for snorkeling. Now I need one of those of those waterproof cases for the Flip camera so I can take under water videos for you.

Click photos to see full size version

The tide was going out and leaving behind piles of shells...

Oodles of cute kids on the beach this weekend.

And I loved this woman's hat!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Taking Applications...

I recently read an article regarding a new trend of people adopting adult children. I think that's a great idea! Just think- you wouldn't have to go through pregnancy with swollen feet and end up tattooed with stretch marks for the rest of your life. You could skip the terrible twos and toilet training. Then   completely avoid all the drama of the horrid teen years.  Another plus would be you could pick the gender.

I never had sisters or daughters, and would love to have an adult daughter. Ideally she'd be in her mid to late 30's, be socially and politically liberal, interested in art, no felony convictions, hate lawn gnomes, a lover of animals, appreciate a wide variety of music, and be financially secure (just in case that nice Nigerian man that keeps emailing me doesn't come through with the fortune he promised me). She also has to love the beach, browsing unusual little shops, and sitting on the pier at night fishing. I'd prefer she not have excessive visible piercings and tattoos. Social drinking and responsible use of weed is fine, but any serious addictions would be a deal breaker.  It would be an added plus if she had kids and made me an instant grandma.

She'd have to be non traditional and fine with spending Thanksgiving on the lanai eating stone crabs and peel & eat shrimp instead of the customary turkey and stuffing. And most importantly, I have to be able to trust that when I'm senile and in a nursing home, she'll come once a week to pluck my chin and then touch up my roots once a month. I mean come on, isn't that one of the biggest payoffs for having a daughter? Only a daughter would know how important those two things are to a woman!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Score and Seven Years Ago...

... I was having hot monkey sex in a tent with Real Old Man. It was our wedding night and we were camping at a beautiful state park. I had been camping only one time previously to that night.

The first time I went camping, I swore it would be my last.  I hated it- hated the hard ground, hated the public toilets and showers, hated the bugs, hated the hot tent and the lack of air conditioning. Camping simply wasn't my thing and I wasn't the least bit ashamed of wanting my creature comforts. Then I met ROM...

We both worked right  up to the day of the wedding, with little time to prepare, in fact I'm not even sure we're legally married. Back then blood tests were required and let's say perhaps the time frame for the blood tests certificates had ran out a few days ahead of the wedding, just saying maybe it could have happened that way.  We were married in the office of a minister.. . Very small affair, like bare bones. We weren't rolling in money, in fact we were piss poor. I was still paying of student loans, and neither of us had been very financially focused and frugal up to that time.

Some how we both arranged to get four days off work for our honeymoon. I was so in love and eager to spend four entire days with ROM, when he suggested we go camping I was all for it. Hell, I was so in love I probably would have agreed to spend our honeymoon at the city dump shooting rats. I forgot all about how much I hated camping. ROM made it sound so romantic- long nights in the woods beside a lake, with a camp fire burning as we made passionate love all night long.

It was a wonderful honeymoon and I treasure the memory of our four days in the woods. It was heaven. We went camping one more time after our honeymoon and then I remembered all the things I didn't like about camping.  I never went camping again, but our honeymoon in the woods, making love in front of the fire and sleeping in a tent will forever in my mind be the perfect four days of my life. And I love ROM today even more than I did 27 years ago.

World's Worst Son and Funniest Dad...

This man has to be the world's worst son. Unfortunately every summer here in Florida there seems to be a news story about a parent or babysitter leaving a child in a car during the intense summer heat, but this is the first time I've heard of a child leaving an elderly parent in a hot car. This 65 yr. old man was arrested for leaving his 87 year old mother in a hot car while he attempted to buy crack cocaine. The bastard! Hell, I didn't think crack addicts lived to be 65, let alone entrusted with the care of an elderly parent. What a way for a poor old mother to live out her golden years.

On a lighter note, this guy has got to be the world's funniest dad... for the past year Dale Price dressed up in different costumes every school day and stood in front of the house to wave good bye to his son, Rain, as the school bus picked him up. Apparently after getting over his initial embarrassment, Rain and the other kids got a real kick out of the creative costumes he dad wore. You can read all about it in this newspaper article and see all the costumes on the Price's family blog.  Be sure and click the link to their family blog, the costumes are a hoot!  I think it's great that this family is so close and the parents are involved in their kids' lives. Hopefully when these parents are in their 80's their kids don't leave them in a hot car while they try to score some crack. They'll probably just dress dad up in costumes and parade him around... 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gotta Love a Man....

...who comes home bearing gifts for no reason at all.

I mentioned the other day that I wanted the newest model of the HD Flip video camera. I already have one of the early models, but after Cisco announced they were shutting down production of Flips. I wanted to get their newest one before they were all sold. This new model can record up to two hours of HD video. My other one only recorded for an hour. I love these Flip video camera- the videos are so sharp and clear, and you can't beat the price. Yes, I have two digital cameras and a phone that can take videos, but the Flip quality is better, and I  don't have to run down the battery on cameras or phone. An added bonus is how easy it is to use.

So anyway....ROM came home Sunday with my new Flip and a Bob Marley lighter. Why the lighter? Just because... he likes to pick up goofy little things he thinks I'd get a kick out of. Sometimes it's an art magazine he thinks I'd like.  One time he came home with a little hand held battery operated fan. When the fan was turned on the blades lit up and said "I love you". Sadly I broke it when my last computer was over heating and I placed the fan in front of the vent and left it running. The fan fell off and broke.

Now that we have a new video camera that can record for two hours we'll get to work on that sex tape we want to market to supplement our retirement. Guess I need to visit RHONY Cindy's dehairing and bedazzling salon before we start taping. I also need to talk to RHONJ Danielle how to promote and distribute it. Surely there's a market for elder sex, doncha' think?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

When Real Life Meets Online Life

Last night Real Old Man and I were taking the dogs on a late walk and got to talking about my recent drama on Twitter. I was talking about how crazy some Twitter people are and so different than the people I've met through online artist groups. He reminded me that I've ran across a few crazies in artist groups and brought up the tata flasher...

Shortly after we moved to Florida, I met a local woman through an online artist group. She seemed quite normal... well, as normal as artists can be. She had kind of a cross between old hippie and old biker chick personality.  I went to a few exhibits with her, even visited her home one afternoon.  Then one rainy Sunday afternoon she called and asked if we would like to meet her and her husband at a local bar for a drink. We were bored and thought it sounded like fun so off we went to meet them. ROM had never met them but I assured him they were around our age and seemed quite nice.

When we got to the bar and joined them at their table it was obvious they'd been drinking for awhile, they were a bit tipsy but not falling down drunk or anything like that.  She and her husband sat on one side of the table and ROM and I sat across from them. We chatted and shared stories of how we each came to relocate from the midwest to Florida (they were from the same state we were from).

Then suddenly, for absolutely no reason, she yanked her sweater up and exposed her tatas! I kid you not! There she sat with her sweater pulled up, no bra on and her tatas out there for all the world to see. Actually they were very nice tatas, so nice I suspect they weren't real. All ROM could do was utter "Jezzuz Christ!" and give me a look like WTF? I was glancing around  to see if anyone else in the bar was looking at us- they were!  I burst out in nervous laughter and asked her if she was freaking crazy, she laughed, pulled her sweater down.... and then.... she popped her teeth out. Seriously- I swear on everything I hold dear this is the absolute truth. I had no idea she wore dentures until then.

We soon made our goodbyes and got the hell out of there, laughing hysterically all the way home.  ROM made it clear he never wanted to see that couple again and thankfully they moved from this area shortly after the up close encounter with her tatas. And to this day have no idea why she flashed her tatas and popped her teeth out other than she was bat shit crazy! 

And on that note I'll leave you with a picture of Isabella's gorgeous long eye lashes.... which have nothing at all to do with this story, but I have no photos of the tata flasher...   

Old Bodies, Young Bodies, and a Snowy Egret

It doesn't matter one's age, people just seem to be drawn to water and sandy beaches. On Anna Maria Island all ages enjoy the sugar white sand and warm Gulf water. I love to walk the beach and people watch...

Click each photo to see full size

An older gentleman enjoying a walk...

A young couple playing ping pong

And this little guy played for hours in a pool of water left on the beach as the high tide went out. Isn't he adorable?

 While on my walk I came across this snowy egret ...
 I followed her as she caught tiny fish

 When she grew tired of me following her, she flew to the top of the jetty.

I was impressed with her feet- looked like she'd just had a pedi.

There was a also a pair of Magnificent Frigatebirds that briefly soared over the beach but I didn't have my camera out- drats!  I enjoy watching them glide for hours over the water without flapping their wings.

Oh, how I love summer...