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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Oxygen, Pain Meds, and Yogurt- Our Super Bowl Party!

In the wee morning hours of Sunday, I realized I had caught Mike's cold. So to go along with the burning pain in my mouth and throat from the fungal thrush caused by my steroid inhaler, I now had a nasty cough and tightness in my chest. The cough is so jarring against my spine, and my pain meds just weren't doing enough. Throw in that my breathing has gotten more labored, well, you get the picture. 

I think we were both tired, frustrated and feeling overwhelmed, which led to communication breaking down.  We have found in the past that when this happens, the best thing for us is to give each other some space and time to calm down and then regroup. Mike retreated to bed and I made myself as comfortable as possible in my nest with the Netflix control in my hand. I napped off and on until the sun rose... and things looked a bit brighter in the morning light. 

Mike got up and we had our coffee as we came up with a plan. I would call Tidewell and ask for help. Simple, huh?  Sometimes the simplest and easiest solutions to a problem are the hardest to see when you are overwhelmed. 

That afternoon, one of Tidewell's amazing nurses arrived to the rescue. We discussed my pain and breathing problems and she came up with a plan. Another pain med was added to my current one and she urged me to start using the oxygen. My lungs are missing the steroid inhaler but using it is out of the question due to the fungal infection. So on to oxygen! 

Fast forward... I've added the new pain med to my current one (I can't believe how quickly they got this to me considering it was Sunday afternoon) and I have had a quiet evening sucking up oxygen. In addition to an oral solution for the thrush, I'm also eating yogurt to hopefully speed things up. Not exactly a memorable Super Bowl Party, with guests, hot wings and nachos. But I'm home with my fella and all the yogurt a girl could want! 


  1. That sucks!!! Feel betters from your cold!

  2. Hey, our wild parties are me & Hubs watching TV & surfing the Net. Old people fun! Sounds like you've got the good drugs for yours. Hospice is rocking!

  3. Tidewell’s nurses are truly angels. I am happy you got some relief. My husband & myself tend to retreat to corners as well. I hope today you have a good day.


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