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Monday, October 5, 2015

To Follow Or Not To Follow On Twitter... Or How To Survive Social Media...

Do you follow everyone who follows you? I know many people do and I was more apt to do automatic follow backs when I first got on Twitter. But now, not so much. There are several reasons for that, one of which is I got involved in a two year Twitter war. I was a willing and active participant and have no excuses for my contribution  to the insanity of it all. But I learned from it and moved on. 

I still speak my mind but I refuse to argue with people anymore- about anything. I don't single out and @ anyone for the purpose of disagreeing with something they tweeted. Nor do I get sucked into an argument when someone @s me for the sole purpose of arguing about something.  I just block them or unfollow and move on. Sure, it makes some angry or hurts their feelings, but come on, people! No one on Twitter should be that important to you. But back to who do you follow on Twitter...

What prompted this post was a new follow I got today. 
Before clicking that follow back button I did some investigating. I visited this person's profile and immediately saw that they had several hundred thousand followers but only followed a few hundred. This is the kind of account who follows for a few days then after you follow back they unfollow you. Their goal in following people is merely to boost their follower count, not to socialize with anyone. I also scrolled through this persons timeline and noticed they never interacted with anyone. All they tweeted were links to sites. I knew this was not someone I wanted to follow.

Other things that influence my decision whether or not to follow someone back are:

1) Their profile and name. If the word "bitch" is part of their name or profile, I'm leery. Not all, but some of the women who go out of their way to tell the world they're bitches are argumentative and aggressive with their tweets. A clever, witty name and profile is much more appealing to me. 

2) Their politics and religion. I follow many people who don't share my political and religious beliefs (or lack of), but we share common values and other interests. But if someone tweets political rants every single day, day after day, month after month and we have nothing else in common I'm probably not going to follow them. 

3) Common interests and what they share in their tweets. I love tweets with photos of the interesting things going on in their life...  a flower that's blooming in their garden, an art project they're working on, their pets... anything other than their naughty parts. I don't want to see any one's naughty parts. Trust me, in my 65+ plus years I've seen all the naughty parts I want to see. 

4) Those who hijack threads for the sake of disagreeing and arguing. Do they repeatedly inject themselves into others' conversations for the sole purpose of disagreeing with whatever is being discussed? Do they scroll time lines just to find something to fight about? Do they fight over Real Housewives celebs? (I so regret choosing Real Old Housewife as my Twitter name- I joined Twitter during my Bravo Real Housewives infatuation which is long over, thank gawd)

5) Active involvement in long standing Twitter feuds. Been there, done that. Seeing some one's ongoing feud all over your timeline every day gets so old. We all know that no one wins and the only way it ends is if one side completely disengages. Of course even after you disengage, the other side may occasionally take another swipe at you trying to draw you back in. Don't fall for it.

6) Who they follow. If they follow someone I've had a major problem with in the past and especially if they include me in tweets with that person, I'm going to unfollow and block. See number 6- don't fall for it. If someone new suddenly pops up on Twitter and immediately starts following me and a person I had problems with I strongly suspect they are up to no good. I don't believe in coincidences like that. 

7) Racists and haters. Of course no one admits to being racist, but if they are constantly retweeting links to articles and negative comments about one race, gays or an ethnic group committing crimes or behaving badly, chances are they're racist.  That goes for all races- yes, black people can be racist. And people of all religions can be haters.  

8) Boring people. If all they tweet about is their arthritis, their kids, pictures of their cleavage or other women's cleavage, ass pics or Real Housewives I'm probably not going to follow them back. A steady stream of mundane tweets about one topic gets old fast. 

9) I just don't like them. If I don't like their tweets, values, beliefs or basic personality I'm not going to follow them. Do you hang out daily with people you don't like in real life? Of course not. So why do it on Twitter? 

10) They use the c word. I know it's just a word but I hate it. Blame it on my age, being unhip or being overly sensitive. Doesn't matter the reason, the word really bothers me. I may like you as a person but if you use the c word and I see it on my timeline, I'll unfollow. 

Bottom line is everyone should only follow people they enjoy. Get rid of the rest. And that includes me- if my tweets and personality irritate or bore you, unfollow me. It's your right, your Twitter, and your life. Life is short, only allow in those you enjoy. You don't owe anyone on Twitter anything.