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Monday, November 16, 2015

Where Is That Christian Faith?

As a liberal and an atheist, I'm used to being in the minority- even within my own family. I've always lived in predominately conservative Christian areas, first in the Midwest and now in Florida. And over the years, many of my friends have been conservatives and Christians. Though we disagreed about political issues and religion, we shared many of the same values. I don't believe Jesus Christ was the son of God, but I love the values he was said to promote- love of others (altruism), turn the other cheek (forgiveness), cast not the first stone (be judgmental and pick fights on Twitter), and help those in need. And don't kill anyone. These are common values and beliefs that many people across the world share, people of all races and religions. 

As read Twitter today I couldn't help but notice the irony that I hold more of the Christian values that Jesus supposedly  taught than many of the self proclaimed Christians tweeting about the terrorism in France, Muslims and the Syrian refugee crisis. I truly believe that if the Jesus Christ I was told about in childhood Sunday School lived today he would welcome the Syrian refugees. Yes, it's possible some terrorists could sneak in as refugees. But is that our ultimate goal in life- to be safe? According to the stories about Jesus I've heard, he was quite a risk taker. Do we want to be remembered as the people who played it safe or the people who took chances in the face of danger in hopes of making the world a better place?

I have a hard time believing the Christian savoir I was taught about as a little girl would turn away the thousands of desperate innocent men, women and children fleeing the very terrorism we fear. Have we really become so fearful? I remember being told when debating Christians about the existence of God and Christ, that I had to have faith to believe. I now ask those Christians who say we must turn away all the Syrian and Muslim refugees for fear of terrorists entering our country- where is that faith you speak of? Is it possible that I believe and have more faith in the innate goodness of most people than you have in your God and Savior?