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Friday, October 21, 2016

Who Broke The Twitter?

Once my morning chores are done, I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down to read my Twitter timeline. That's part of my daily routine. I catch up on news stories, Twitter feuds, and Trump's latest rants. But today shortly after I got on Twitter it went down.

I assumed it was a temporary glitch and would soon be back up. When it didn't come back up after about an hour I googled "Twitter Down" and discovered that there had been a cyber attack on DNS servers for many popular sites such as Twitter, Etsy and Netflix. In fact I discovered this was the second attack of the day. I'm woefully ignorant when it comes to cyber technical stuff, but how in the hell does something like this happen? Is it not possible to make sites unhackable? 

It's scary that hackers can shut down popular websites and social media. The only worse thing than shutting down Twitter is if they shut down Google.  Google took me to Dyn's (the server for Twitter) status page where I learned about today's hacks. 

For years tech experts have warned us of the possibility of cyber war and I'm wondering if this is the beginning. We've already seen the hacked email information released by Wikileaks (and believed by many that the hacking was done by Russian government). And now the attack on the server of popular sites. 

If these damn hackers start fucking with my two favorite things in the world, Netflix and Twitter, I say find them, cut their damn hands off and poke their eyes out! Sound harsh? I don't think so- 

Remember what it was like before the internet? We old people do and we don't want to go back to mailing letters through the USPS. And imagine you're only source of info is an old incomplete set of Encyclopedias sitting on a dusty bookshelf, visiting the public library and the nightly news. Or instead of insulting people on Twitter we'd be forced to insult people face to face. But if we don't have 1000s of followers to witness our clever stingers it would take all the fun out of it.  

And the only way to share photos would be to print them and mail them individually to people. Imagine having to print and mail out a photo of your dinner to 10000s people... every night. Or all those cute cat pics you took today.  

How would the Real Housewives sell all their crap if they couldn't continuously send out tweets promoting their junk? There would be no social media and blog wars between the Real Housewives fans. We'd have to find RH fans in our real life neighborhoods to fight with every night.  That could be dangerous because the only reason there hasn't been RH related murders is because it would be too much trouble to track down the person we happen to hate this week. But if they lived right next door... well, it could get ugly. 

Trust me, we do not want to go back to a life without the internet. So I say find the bastards and make sure they can never ever hack again.