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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Big Fat America

Not only are we eating ourselves to death, we are feeding our pets to death. I've been watching an Animal Planet "My Big Fat Pet" marathon. Evidently, people are too stupid to know how much to feed their animal companions and they need a dog trainer to tell them their dog is fat and to feed it less. Seriously, they are too clueless to figure out all they need to do is read the back of the food bag to find the recommended daily amount to feed.  

One family was feeding their dog 7 times the daily recommendation. Another dog was so fat it couldn't stand up to eat so the owner placed the bowl against the dog's bed enabling it to lay down as it ate. 

It's not kindness or an act of love. It's putting that pet's health in danger. Being overweight shortens a dog's lifespan, causes painful joint problems and taxes their heart and lungs. 

We used to have a neighbor who had three fat chihuahuas. Two of the dogs died before reaching the age of 10.  She literally fed her dogs to death. The youngest is 7 and I doubt if it will live to be 10 either.

Come on, people! You don't need a dog trainer to figure out why your dog is fat. It's simple- if your dog is overweight it needs more exercise and less food. Start with a thorough checkup by your vet to rule out any medical reasons (such as thyroid, etc) and to determine if your pet is healthy enough for physical exercise. If the vet says it safe, decrease the amount of food you feed (and cut out treats) and increase exercise.

All dogs need exercise- from the tiny lap dogs to big working breeds. Taking a couple walks a day is not only good for your dog but for you, too. And by walks, I don't mean walking out in the yard, pottying and walking back inside. Dogs not only need the physical exercise but also the mental stimulation, and so do we. Get out and explore the world with your dog. 

Just as we don't want to see ourselves in an episode of "My 600 Lb. Life", we don't want to see our pet featured in "My Big Fat Pet".