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Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Familiar Face, Forms and Living Wills...

I had an appointment yesterday with my cardiologist- finally a familiar face. After a month of dealing with new doctors and radiology staff at three different centers, it was good to sit down face to face with a doctor I knew and trusted. He even had good news from my recent heart echo- my heart has actually gotten a bit stronger and the valve leakage has improved. He was very generous with his time and talked patiently with ROM and me for quite awhile. When he told me to come back in six months, I gave him a wry smile and said we'll see. He shook my hand and said he is going to be optimistic that he'd see me in six months. 

Today has been spent preparing for tomorrow's appointment with the oncologist. Spent two hours filling out fifteen pages of forms, making copies of my living will, and gathering prescription insurance information. Also gathered my radiology discs and various reports to take with me, so they can make copies and give me back the originals. Mind boggling that I can download a movie and watch it on my laptop, but I have to hand carry discs and paper copies of records to each doctor I see. 

After that was all done, it was time to tackle the most dreaded time of each day- self grooming. Between my crumbling collapsed hip and the new intense back and shoulder pain, just shaving my legs has turned into a big pain- like moan out loud and say filthy words pain. I saved this fun event for when ROM was gone to the store and car wash. He always wants to help when he sees me struggling with something. But I'm just not comfortable with him using a razor on me... I remember all too well the nicks left on his head when he went through his shaved head stage. And he has a history with sharp items... in fact, right at this minute he has butterfly tape on his thumb from filleting chicken. Thanks, but I'll shave my own legs.


  1. Acckkkk!!! No ROM cannot go near you with sharp objects �� Do you have a shower seat?? May be time to find an actual dealer or ask your oncologist for a prescription for marijuana. I hate the smell, but if it will give you relief.... I’m sure you can get a nice morphine or oxycodone prescription from the oncologist.

  2. Get some Nair! Or an electric shaver. Sure you can trust ROM with an electric one.
    I'm so sorry you are going through this, hopefully we can make it easier for you somehow. We all love you, xxoo
    Btw, it's me, passthepinot. For some reason I can't log in with my google account : )


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